Shall we try or let go

Shall we try again?

I'm here as a guest in the forum, unfortunately not for the first time
my story is long and very complicated. I've been separated from my boyfriend for three months, not the first time. We were together for eleven years, he moved in with me after a year, because I have two children and didn't want to tear them away, as they had lost their father a few years earlier.
We separated for the first time in eight years, it was a big mistake as we both quickly realized, but he had problems with my children.
He bought a house and we tried to live together again but separately. In the beginning it went well, when the renovation work was due, he temporarily moved back in, which turned out to be six months. His house work and his job broke him, but he took it out on me. So I broke up.
After a few weeks we couldn't take it anymore. I know it sounds stupid, but I can't do without him, but with it isn't easy either.
Last year we went on vacation with my son and then it banged again so we broke off the vacation. I never wanted to try again, but he loves me and I love him, so we tried again after a few months. In winter he got very depressed and after much persuasion he went to the doctor. He distanced himself from me and did not answer for days. I didn't know what to do anymore. When I didn’t reach him again I drove over there and he said he didn’t know what’s going on ... The next morning we had breakfast and he wanted me to go home and he didn’t know how to go on with us. So that's it again. My family and friends think I'm crazy that I keep falling. But now he announces himself again, wants to drink coffee, breakfast ... What is the right thing? Actually my mind knows that it doesn't work but my heart hurts and when I see him there are so strong feelings

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