Who is tommy lee

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Born October 3, 1962 in Athens (Greece)
job Musician
training High school (canceled)
status Back from the past

In the movie The wrestler Randy Robinson, played by Mickey Rourke, complains that the eighties were such a carefree time musically, and then that depressive grunge ruined everything. His counterpart agrees and adds: "Like there's something wrong with just wanting to have a good time." Fun without a guilty conscience or moral scruples, no band embodied this hedonism more credibly than Mötley Crüe - with unforgettable hymns like Girls, girls, girls or Looks That Kill. Especially her drummer Tommy Lee, who sometimes hit his instrument upside down, lay alternately on a couch in the ambulance, a cot in jail and with groupies on the king-size bed of a luxury hotel. Of course, that he was married to Pamela Anderson for a few years, of course, that he no longer wants to be asked about it today, of course, that he is now somewhat refined and of course a vegetarian, because at some point even the best party is over. At the photo shoot in Los Angeles, he was not only charming, but above all self-deprecating. He seems to be quite good at getting older (and a little calmer) without giving away rock ’n’ roll. In the fall is his new solo album entitled Andro published.