What are some passive aggressive signs of abuse

Emotional Abuse Signs: How to Spot an Emotional Abuser

Physical abuse is easy to spot, but what about emotions? We look at 11 signs of emotional abuse to look out for and what to do about it.

We call domestic violence against your partner a huge no-no in relationships. But what about signs of emotional abuse?

While physical violence is more than easy to spot, emotional abuse can be much more difficult. In some cases, neither the abused nor the abuser realize that it is happening.

If you are making an effort to review your relationship to ensure that the two of you are receiving and giving the utmost respect, love, and care in your relationship then it is time to take a closer look at some real-life opportunities for emotional abuse.

Emotional abusers often act on their own psychological problems. If you find yourself in an emotionally abusive relationship, your best bet is to leave.

It doesn't matter how much time or effort you've put into the relationship, you can't change someone else's emotional problems if they aren't in a relationship with me. It's not worth your time or soul being with someone who is going to abuse you in any way.

Emotional abuse is a slow development that can go under the radar if you're not careful.

Abuse is genderless

A survey found that the majority of people consider the abuse committed by women to be less serious than if a man were the emotional or physical abuse in a relationship. Basically, cultural norms tell us men are always the aggressors - not women - but the reality is not always like that. Abuse comes in all sorts of forms and can happen to anyone.

Signs of emotional abuse

If you feel like there is something wrong with your relationship, you are not sure what to add is the root of your romantic struggles.

# 1 hyper-criticism. Who doesn't love a little sarcasm in a relationship? This dry sense of humor can add fire and sperm to any relationship, but be careful when innocent ball-busting turns into humiliation. If your partner is hypercritical about everything you do and makes a habit of laying yourself down, it's time for a change.

# 2 Not paying attention to your opinion. Do you feel like your partner is constantly ignoring your opinion? A relationship consists of two people with different thoughts and opinions. That's what makes them interesting!

You don't want to date a clone of yours, do you? If your partner ignores your thoughts and feelings about something and completely disregards your beliefs, they are kicking them to the curb.

# 3 Lack of empathy or compassion. A lack of compassion for yourself, your friends and family, and your problems are a clear sign that your partner is a total hole in need of therapy. This lack of empathy shows that they don't respect your life and the things that take place in it. This is a form of emotional abuse.

# 4 Constant affairs. Abusers Are Selfish and What Is More Selfish Than Infidelity? Affairs or threats of affairs are made in disregard of your feelings and desires.

Affairs also display a level of power from your abuser and can even be targeted to harm you. While not all scammers are culprits, deception is by definition a form of emotional abuse for a loyal partner. In case no one has told you this recently, you deserve a lot more than just a two-timer.

# 5 You control the finances. Control is a huge part of psychological abuse, and one way to physically control yourself is the only one who has access to your finances. This ensures that you literally cannot survive without them.

Bills, groceries, car payments - all are taken care of by your perpetrator. This is one of the ways in which you are treated like a child that they think can control.

# 6 Alienation from family and friends. One of the main signs of emotional abuse is the isolation of its victims. A perpetrator wants his victim to become estranged from friends and family so that they can only rely on their partner.

Note: There is a huge difference between your friend who gets bored at your grandmother's annual turkey dinner and you, in no uncertain terms, that you are not going to hang out with your mom tonight. If he doesn't have a good reason not to see his friends or family, it can be a sign of emotional abuse.

This is where subtlety can arise. Phrases like, "Why don't you stay here? And hang out with me instead? I miss you when you're gone," sweet at first, but this may be a subtle tactic to distract you from your loved ones.

# 7 suicides. One tactic used by the emotional abuser is to threaten suicide if you leave. This is great scare tactics and a direct form of manipulation. If you feel that their threats are behind you, let your close family or friends know, but do not stay in that relationship.

# 8. Guilty travel. Car won't start? Is she unhappy with her life? Has it not rained in a long time? Must be your fault Emotional abusers will basically blame you for anything they can, even if it doesn't make sense.

If you feel close to you all the time, it is a sign that it is time to stop.

# 9 Unrelenting jealousy. Healthy jealousy is normal in most relationships. This is a simple sign that you are connected to your partner and don't appreciate it when the hot waitress meets your husband.

That said, if jealousy goes from an annoyed eye roll to your partner, blame yourself directly for the outside attention you receive, emotional abuse definitely comes up.

# 10 They hold sex back for control. If your partner is trying to hurt you on an emotional and physical level, they can use sex as a weapon. Refusing to have sex is a powerful way to get your partner's attention. This is also a passive aggressive way of hurting yourself or expressing your anger.

Withholding other forms of physical contact and affection is another way abusers try and control you. Their lack of affection can create a spiral of self-doubt in their victim that can affect their self-esteem.

# 11 Constant calling and texting. Even though your partner paints you as worthless, your best bet should be I think they'll blow up your phone once you're away from them for a night. Simulating your partner when they're gone is usually a cute sign that you miss each other.

But emotional abusers will take it a little further. Either they will force you to stay in constant conversation with them over text or they will try to argue with you and get you to come home.

If these signs of emotional abuse have hit you Realize that your relationship is not as magical as you thought, help is available. If you want to know the right channels for leaving an abusive partner, call (800) 799-SAFE or visit National domestic hotline .