What should I call my cat

Cat names: ideas that people and pussies like

If you bring a cat into your house, you have a lot to take care of. Food, scratching post, toys and above all: a name. But often it is not that easy to decide what the new animal roommate should be called. Would you like a classic or a unique cat name? You can of course include character and race in your decision. And what the kitten herself likes naturally also plays a role.

What names do cats like?

There are of course no limits to your creativity when choosing a name. It is important that you like it. But if you want your velvet paw to like him, too, you should pay attention to a few things. It is difficult to train cats, especially when compared to dogs. But certain names increase the chance that your kitty will listen to you and come when you call her. What does she particularly like?

  1. Velvet paws can remember short names more easily. It is best to have these two syllables, such as Emma, ​​Mimi or Blume.
  2. In addition, cats especially like light vowels. They like to hear their name when there is an i or a in it. Nice cat names with an i-sound at the end are for example: Blacky, Teddy, Lucy, Timmi or Tapsi.

What should you avoid?

Certain loud sibilants are not popular with house cats. You should therefore avoid letter combinations such as “tz” or “tsch” whenever possible. In general, kitties can do little with the letter z. Rather choose a cat name with soft consonants like n or m. Similar names in multi-cat households You can get yourself two velvet paws at the same time? Similar-sounding names may sound cute to us humans, but will only confuse your cats. Instead of Kimba and Simba, you'd better choose a different combination. How about, for example, Cleo and Ronja?

Inappropriate names

A kitten named Krümel is really cute. But does this cat name still fit when the animal is older? You should think about that in advance. After all, you want to be satisfied with the choice for the entire life of a cat. So think about how you will feel in ten years when you and "vodka" at the vet
be called ...

Find the right name for your darling

If you can't think of anything straight away, take a look at your fur nose: the name tiger is appropriate for a tabby tomcat. The name Chili goes with a red cat and Siwy with a gray cat. Of course, you can first assess the character of the animal and then decide. Then your choice has a deeper meaning.

  • Tarzan suits an animal that climbs a lot and high.
  • A cozy cat could be called Garfield or Baloo.
  • Smarty goes well with unusually intelligent fur noses.
  • You could call Findus a cheeky animal.
  • An elegant pedigree cat like the British Shorthair might like to be called a Duke.

Should it be particularly extraordinary?

Minka, Mausi or Minou - very nice as a cat name, but somehow too boring? Are you looking for something more original for your kitty instead? Funny hangover names would be whiskey or yoda, for example. Mango or Asia might go well with a cat lady. Just let your imagination run wild. How do you find new ideas?

  1. Grab a dictionary, leaf through it at random, looking for nice words. Maybe you like flowers, jazz or fluff?
  2. Consults famous comic or movie scenes. For example Nemo for your new cat and an original name for a female cat is Buffy. Urmel or Zorro also go well with a velvet paw.
  3. Literature and history also provide some incentives: A cat named Napoleon would be an alternative, wouldn't it?

Have fun choosing a name!