How can you check your inventory

Download the inventory report

Inventory reports

Professional sellers can download inventory reports.

Request and download inventory report

To request an inventory report:

  1. Go on Stock and choose Inventory reports out.
  2. Select the report type from the drop-down menu. Below is a list of report types.
  3. click on Request report.

    It can take 15 to 45 minutes for the report to be generated. Please return to this page later to download the report.

  4. In the section Check report status and download, click on Downloadas soon as the report status shows as "Ready".
  5. Save the file in text format (tab-separated, as * .txt) on your computer.
  6. Open the report with a spreadsheet program or a database program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.
Annotation: The most recently requested reports are available for 30 days. After that, they will be removed from your seller account.

Report types

Inventory report

This report summarizes the products that you are offering for buyers to buy on Amazon. The report includes the SKU, price, quantity, and ASIN for all current offers.

You can use the inventory report to compare your offers on Amazon with your available inventory and your own documents. This enables you to check the accuracy of your systems.

Use the inventory report when you have more than 50,000 open quotes. You should not request more than four inventory reports per day to ensure fair use of the system. When you have over 500,000 quotes, you should only request one inventory report per day.

For more information, see the How do I read an inventory report? Help page.

Report on open offers

This report includes open "Fulfillment by Seller" offers that are available at the time the report is requested. Offers that are fulfilled through FBA are not included in this report. You can change and update quotation data in the table and then upload it again using the Inventory Assistant.

Reports on open offers - partial report and open offers - short report

These are versions of the standard open quote reports that contain less information so you can quickly update your inventory. The reports contain the following fields:

  • Report on open tenders - partial report
    • seller-sku
    • quantity
    • price
    • product ID
  • Report on open offers - short report

Active Offers Report

This report lists all of the products that you were selling on Amazon at the time you wrote the report. This report includes all product offerings, including those with zero (0) units. It also contains information about the products that are associated with your offers on Amazon, including the product title and product identifier.

In most cases, the ASIN is given as the product identifier of the offering, but it can also be the industry standard identifier, such as B. ISBN, UPC or EAN.

The Active Offers report provides details about each offer, including condition, notes about the item, and shipping rates and settings for books, music, VHS, DVD (media products). If you participate in Fulfillment by Amazon, the report will have an additional column for the shipper: Fulfilled by Seller or Fulfilled by Amazon.

Because it also shows the SKUs with an inventory of zero (0), the report makes it easy to replenish. If you continue to sell these items, you can replenish your listings without having to resubmit product information for the SKU or create a new SKU. If you assume that you will not sell the item again and want to delete the SKU from your report, you can delete it using the "Manage Inventory" feature or by uploading an inventory file.

You can use the Active Offers report when you have up to 50,000 offers. If you have more than 50,000 quotes, you will need to use the inventory report.

For more information, see the How Do I Read an Active Offers Report? Help page.

Report on inactive offers

This report is the same as the Active Offers report, but instead provides an overview of all products that are inactive. This includes offers with a zero (0) quantity, offers that have been blocked or hidden, offers that have not yet opened, and offers that have passed their end-of-sale date.

The columns it contains are identical to those in the Active Offers report, see: How do I read an Active Offers Report ?.

Report on all offers

This report is the same as the Active Offers report, but it also provides an overview of all products for a particular seller. This report contains offers that are active, inactive, or incomplete.

The columns it contains are identical to those in the Active Offers report, see: How do I read an Active Offers report ?.

Selling Fee Preview

This report contains information about offers that are available for purchase at the time the report is requested. For each listing, the report includes the estimated sales fee based on your current item price, and does not include shipping or gift wrapping costs that may be incurred with purchase.

For more information, see How To Use the Sales Fee Preview Report.

Report on deleted offers

This report contains all offers that Amazon has deleted. It does not contain items that are sold out, removed using the Inventory Assistant, or canceled by the seller.

Report on sold offers

This report includes all items that have been sold on Amazon.

Report on inventory shipped from Amazon

You will only see this report if you use "Fulfillment by Amazon". This report shows the current status of your FBA inventory in almost real time. If you sell items through multiple sales channels, you can quickly make decisions about updating inventory numbers or removing offers from Amazon.

Missing offer data and hidden offers report

This report lists the offers that are having offer quality issues. In extreme cases, the offer will be hidden from search and browsing until you have resolved the problem. For more information, see Enhancing Offers and Hidden Offers.