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The screenshots were taken with a Sony Xperia XZ1 with Android 8 (Oreo). For devices with Android 7 and 9, switching off synchronization with the Google account works the same or very similar.

With devices up to Android 6 there are some differences in the navigation and the screen view. Please click here for the appropriate instructions.

1. Open device settings

In the menu of your smartphone, tap on the symbol with the gearwheel.

2. Call up the account overview

Scroll down to the point (on Android 9) and tap on it. For some Samsung devices, tap first, then tap the dot.

3. Stop automatic synchronization

You will now see a list of all accounts that have been set up, including the Google account. At the bottom of the list you can see the function (on Android 9).

You may have to scroll down a bit to access this function. If you move the slider to the left, data will no longer be synchronized with the Google account - but neither will it be synchronized with the other accounts. This is impractical for users of WhatsApp, Dropbox or Twitter. There is therefore a second option. To do this, leave the controller where it is.

4. Select a Google account

If necessary, scroll up again and tap on the Google account.

5. Select synchronization

Then tap on the point.

6. Switch off synchronization for individual functions

You will now see a selection of the data that will be synchronized with the Google account. Almost all of them are enabled by default.

Tap on the blue slider to suspend the respective synchronization. We recommend deactivating all items, but especially contacts, calendar and person details.
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