When was the last time you were homesick?

8 simple tips against homesickness

Homesickness is the sadness and melancholy that afflict us when we are far away from home and our family and friends. In other words, when everything at home seems better, cheaper and more fun.

It is perfectly okay to be homesick when you are abroad for a long time. It is a natural feeling that can happen to any of us and that often reminds us of the things that are really important to us. Still, homesickness is not really a nice feeling, but homesickness can be quickly combated with a few tricks.

If you are homesick too, then just read on, because we have 8 great tips against homesickness that are guaranteed to help you deal with your sadness properly - or to avoid homesickness at all.

Tips against homesickness 1: Celebrate your homesickness (for 24 hours)

Being homesick is like mourning after breaking up. Sometimes you just have to feel bad and eat too much ice cream for a few days - but then you have to get up again. What if you celebrated a homesick day and got rid of all bad feelings at once?

Try to eat food from home, listen to music from your home country, call your friends, etc. And then, after 24 hours, stop doing that and go on a sightseeing tour with the group of people you met last week. So your homesickness will surely pass very quickly!

Homesickness Tips 2: Make a Schedule

This is my personal favorite piece of advice so that you can quickly settle into a new environment and avoid homesickness in the first place. Get yourself a routine!

That can be anything: from exercising regularly to having coffee and pastries every Sunday morning. Planning some activities - and then sticking to them - gives you something to look forward to and lets you find your new home sooner than Watch at home.

Tips against homesickness 3: Find a favorite place

Much like building a routine, the importance of finding a favorite spot to combat homesickness is important.

Something familiar that makes you feel at home, such as a park bench or a café with comfortable sofas. Soon the baristas will know how to drink your coffee or you will always see the same people walking their dogs.

Tips against homesickness 4: Avoid boredom

Boredom is a good basis for homesickness - the more time you have to think about your home, the more you want to go back. Be active and keep busy!

Join a gym, volunteer, take classes, or sign up for AGs at your school. Being on the go is also a great way to make new friends and get used to the local culture.

Tips against homesickness 5: Forget social media!

Nowadays it's easier than ever to keep in touch: we can text, make phone calls and even video chat for free. With photos and videos we can see what everyone is doing where and when. This makes it hard not to focus on the things that are going on at home. But: staying away from Facebook & Co. can be a real relief.

The reason you went abroad was because you finally wanted to experience something new.

Tips against homesickness 6: meet new people

The more people you know, the easier it is for you to distract yourself and to have something to do (result = no homesickness). This is usually easier when you're still going to school or traveling in a group. Coming into a room where you don't know anyone can be scary, but you also never know what kind of friendships you will make when you leave your comfort zone (and enter a strange place).

Tips against homesickness 7: Take photos

Taking lots of photos is a great way to get to know your new home and to combat homesickness. You get used to the new surroundings more and more and feel more and more at home.

Check out our article on The Best Travel Photography Tips. It can also help you appreciate your new surroundings more if you look at the photos and remember why you chose this destination of all places.

Tips against homesickness 8: Invite family & friends

While this is not the cheapest way to alleviate homesickness, it can sometimes help to have friends or family come over to visit you. You can show them around and their excitement about your new home can be quite contagious and make you realize how lucky you were. here to be allowed to live.

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