When do we use data modeling tools

Individual data modeling tools from heureka

The visualization of complex data structures using a graphical data model creates transparency for business requirements and the underlying database structures.

Companies that use the possibilities of data modeling benefit from higher investment returns, a reduced risk of errors and lower resource consumption for data-related projects.

erwin Data Modeler is the industry-leading data modeling solution that enables a visual representation of data from a variety of sources at the highest level.

Increased efficiency, improved data quality and a unified view of strategic data resources are just a few of the many advantages.

erwin Data Modeler provides a user-friendly, graphical environment that increases productivity and simplifies the design of databases. This accelerates the creation of high-performance, transaction-based databases and data warehouses of the highest quality.

The ability to graphically display large amounts of data objects supports effective communication between stakeholders from the business and technical areas.
This ensures that the business requirements and the technical implementation of the databases are coordinated with one another.

Thanks to the visual design, database developers can address development problems and questions before significant investments in resources are made. As a result, your company can react more quickly to emerging business requirements because the system shows the effects of changes on information resources and in this way you can react quickly to your constantly changing and rapidly growing data environment.

With the add-on hDB from our internal development department, we offer you the opportunity to create simple reports even faster.

In addition to erwin Data Modeler, we also offer numerous products from the market-leading manufacturer Embarcadero.

With many of its award-winning products such as Delphi, JBuilder, C ++ Builder, InterBase, ER / Studio, DB Optimizer, DB Artisan and many more, Embarcadero is widely recognized and enables its customers to use all of the leading database platforms in the industry To use operating systems, frameworks and programming languages. This breadth makes it possible to design, create and run cross-platform software applications and database systems and to free yourself from the use of multiple, proprietary, platform-specific tools and the associated restrictions, costs and learning curves.