Judy Garland was ugly without makeup

Lido light games (extra) : Pasta and spaghetti straps

Did she make spaghetti for him? Bradley Cooper, actor and director of "A Star Is Born" with Lady Gaga as - well, Lady Gaga aka Ally, tells how they would have eaten something self-cooked at home when they had hardly known each other for ten minutes. The fact that they both come from Italian-American families on the east coast connected them on the spot. In general, Lady Gaga, who appears for the first time as an actress in “A Star is Born”, and Cooper, who sings for the first time in the film (and also makes his debut as a director), demonstrate a unanimity at the press conference before the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, without a start with really good pasta is unthinkable.

Lady Gaga in Venice: The hype began on Thursday when the megastar drove into the lagoon city by motorboat. The pop diva was sitting on the side of the boat, little black dress, spaghetti straps, gathered up like a fifties bathing suit, legs crossed, black pumps and blonde hair twisted into large curls over her forehead. The iconic image went viral, and the gazettes promptly attested the 75th Venice Film Festival a high glamor factor.

"A Star is Born": The story of the rise of an unknown singer and her love for a professional in her field, whose star has long been falling, has already been filmed twice: in 1954 by George Cukor with Judy Garland and James Mason, in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. So now the Lady Gaga variant, with a little homage to Garland, when Lady Gaga sings "Somewhere over the Rainbow" right at the beginning and soon afterwards "La Vie en Rose" in a gay bar. Edith Piaf has often been compared to Garland.

It was about vulnerability, said Lady Gaga

At the press conference, Lady Gaga wears a floor-length white dress, again with spaghetti straps. And she reports perfectly styled how Cooper wiped the make-up from her face at that very first meeting when she came out of the house. Her role was about vulnerability, she adds. On the screen you can actually see her without make-up, but unfortunately never vulnerable. This is what Lady Gaga has in common with Ally: She remains a fictional character. She already performed her first appearance in the bar under drag queens without any flaws, vocally as well as dancing. And despite all the alleged uncertainty, a little later she performed an allegedly spontaneous, but in truth sovereign, very well-rehearsed-looking top act in front of a huge pop concert audience. No mistake, no stumbling, nothing.

During the press screening on Friday morning, strict regulations had prevailed. From the first to the last minute of the film, watchdogs lined the rows in the Sala Darsena and watched the journalists watch the film - so that nobody secretly recorded with their cell phones. In the evening at the gala premiere, Lady Gaga appeared in a pink feather boa robe - and it was pouring rain. Which could hardly cool the hysteria of the fans.

The autobiographical of their part? A superstar like Lady Gaga will do the devil to reveal personal information at a press conference. But that at the age of 19 she went from bar to bar looking for gigs with her piano, that the producers would have liked to hand over her songs to other singers because she wasn't exactly the prettiest, and she had to fight back, she says. Also that the managers wanted to talk her into her outfit. She happily traces her profile with her finger with her supposedly ugly nose. The nose is also a theme in the film. "I never wanted to be a sexy woman, never wanted to be like other women," says Lady Gaga. Of all things.

A good mood press conference, attentive, facing: Cooper and Lady Gaga do their job perfectly, assure each other of their sympathy and appreciation and open tiny windows to the world of world fame. You only learn something if you face your fear, says Cooper. And makes it clear with a short rhythmic interlude what fame actually means. A kind of drum staccato, then a break, again staccato, again a break etc .: “Constant noise and then suddenly silence, suddenly being alone. That should also give rhythm to our film ”. Say it and the film team leaves the room while hundreds of cameras and smartphones zoom in on Lady Gaga.

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