What antibiotics treat and cure tonsillitis

Do antibiotics make sore throats go away faster?

can shorten the symptoms of strep throat by half a day to one day on average. However, they can have side effects, and too frequent use of antibiotics makes them more resistant.

Sore throats are a common reason for going to the doctor - especially during the cold season. The cause is often a simple cold, but sometimes a sore throat or tonsillitis. Then the question may arise: am I taking an antibiotic or not? Most people have no advantage, however: A cold-related sore throat is usually caused by viruses that do not work against. Antibiotics only help people with bacterial inflammation, such as bacterial tonsillitis. Most sore throats will go away within a week even without special treatment.

Certain signs of illness can provide clues as to whether bacteria or viruses are the cause of the sore throat. A fever but no cough, swollen and coated tonsils can indicate bacterial tonsillitis. To clarify whether it is, a smear can be taken from the throat or from the tonsils and examined immediately. However, this so-called rapid test is not very accurate. It is a little more precise if the smear is sent to the laboratory and examined there. In practice, however, this examination is rarely done, as the result is only available after 2 to 3 days. That is why they are usually prescribed solely on the basis of the complaints, ie “on suspicion”. As a result, quite a few people take those who cannot help them because their strep throat was caused by viruses.