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Queen Mum: 7 exciting details about her life

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, better known as Queen Mum, was a colorful figure in British royal history. The mother of today's Queen was a proud 101 years old when she died on March 30, 2002. Bet you don't know the following details from your life yet?

1. Prince Albert had to ask three times for Elizabeth's hand

Elizabeth and Prince Albert are said to have run into each other as children. At a high society ball in 1920, the royal is said to have fallen in love with Elizabeth "on the spot". The fact that she would one day marry into the British royal family is thanks to the prince's persistence. He is said to have asked for his Elizabeth's hand three times before she agreed to an engagement. One of the reasons for the reluctance, according to the British media: Elizabeth's doubts about being able to find her way into the life of a duchess. But Albert is said to have been so blown away by the early 20-year-old that he insisted that he couldn't imagine any other woman at his side than her. On January 15, 1923, the palace finally announced the couple's engagement.

2. Queen Mary and Elizabeth's mother cleared a love competitor out of the way

At the time Albert started to woo Elizabeth, she is said to have been connected to another man: James Stuart. This is also said to have been one of the reasons why she initially rejected Albert's marriage proposal. Queen Mary, Albert's mother, and Lady Strathmore, Elizabeth's mother, are said to have decided to help royal luck a little: They arranged that Stuart was sent to Oklahoma in the USA to work on an oil field there. A plan that worked: Elizabeth turned to Albert and married him on April 23, 1923 in London's Westminster Abbey. The wedding made her the Duchess of York.

3. She is in the exclusive "Club of 100"

Queen Mum is one of only two members of the British royal family to celebrate his 100th birthday. She celebrated the special day on August 4, 2000 with a parade in London. She was also granted her 101st birthday. Princess Alice, her sister-in-law, even surpassed Elizabeth in terms of lifetime: she was 102 years old when she died in 2004. The next royal to follow the women into the "100-year-old club" is Prince Philip. The Queen's husband was born on June 10, 1921, making him the oldest living royal.

4. She saw six British monarchs

Queen Victoria was on the throne when Queen Mum was born (1837-1901). It was followed by the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910), King George V (1910-1936), King Edward VIII (1936), King George VI. (1936-1952) and Queen Elizabeth (since 1952).

5. Queen Mum was the last royal woman to give birth to a minister

One of the unpleasant sides of Elizabeth's dreaded royal life was when she gave birth to her daughter Elizabeth on April 21, 1926: it was customary for the Home Secretary to attend royal births as a high-ranking member of the cabinet to ensure that the newcomer was born was a real descendant of the monarch and no cheater was smuggled in. With Princess Margaret, the second child of Elizabeth and Prince Albert, this tradition was abolished.

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6. Queen Mum couldn't be denied a glass of honor

The Queen Mother was considered a friend of alcoholic drops. Margaret Rhodes, her confidante and lady-in-waiting, revealed the drinking routine in the book "Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the Royal Household": Gin and Dubonnet before lunch, wine with lunch, a martini before dinner , then a glass of champagne.

7. She hated Wallis Simpson

A dark chapter in the life of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is said to have been called Wallis Simpson. She was the reason why King Edward VIII abdicated in December 1936 and Prince Albert became King. "Elizabeth would have led a life of dogs, hunts and house parties (...) if Edward Wallis Simpson hadn't forfeited and abdicated (...) - making her queen," claimed British journalist Tanya Gold in an article for "The Guardian" in 2009. The life imposed on her at the side of a king was not the only thing that Queen Mum could never have forgiven her sister-in-law.
On February 6, 1952, at the age of only 56, Albert died as a result of an operation for lung cancer. Queen Mum believed that stress as king also contributed to her husband's untimely death - which would never have happened had Simpson not entered Edward's life. "She always said that she never wanted to be queen and that being a king killed her husband," said Gold.

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