Why do I keep wetting myself

Wetting of the eyes

The behavior of liquids that come into contact with the surfaces of solid bodies is described as wetting. If you relate the wetting to the eye, then the wetting of the cornea (layer of the eye) with tear fluid is a fundamental factor for a good oxygen supply to the eye. As a rule, the eyes wet themselves. By simply blinking the eyelids, the cornea is repeatedly wetted with tear fluid and therefore cannot dry out. People blink 10 to 15 times per minute. However, if you concentrate on something, the blink frequency may be reduced. For the cornea of ​​the eye, this means that there is not enough tear fluid on the retina. A rewetting solution can help. Or else, you consciously blink several times and thus again ensure sufficient wetting. Inadequate wetting can become a problem when wearing contact lenses. These can dry out and then feel like a foreign body on the eye. Therefore, please always ensure that it is well wetted. If you work a lot in warm rooms with dry air, then every now and then step to the window and help your eyes to be sufficiently wetted. Or work with an additional rewetting solution here as well.

Marco Pöhler

Marco Pöhler is the managing director and founder of Kontaktlinsen -vergleich GmbH. He helps people get their contact lenses at the best price every time. And writes about technology and contact lenses on Medium.