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Musician: Sometimes 1,000 euros, sometimes 4,000 a month

Do musicians have to drive a taxi on the side or live below the poverty line? A Munich musician can finance himself without a major label contract. Because he negotiates hard.


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Surname: Anonymous
Age: 33 years
Musician / singer & bass
Band leader & solo artist

I've been making music since I was ten. In my school notebooks from the past, you can easily see which subjects inspired me the most to compose. Biology was at the forefront.

But I only became a musician because everything else makes me sick. At the same time as I graduated in Political Science, I had a breakdown. Palpitations, panic attacks and so on. For a long time I couldn't explain why all this made me sick. But back then I only knew full throttle. I was a social media consultant for companies like Siemens and Deutsche Bank. On the side, I still study, write for music and culture magazines, accompany newcomer bands for a radio station. And by the way, I was also a musician myself.

I earned really well, especially as a student: 30 euros an hour, overtime was paid for in the form of laptops and music equipment. I was also offered a permanent job. But I just couldn't. A short time later, I admitted to myself that anything not related to music just made me unhappy. In addition, the mass of tasks that I charged myself simply overwhelmed me. The breakdown left me falling into a creative hole. I didn't even feel like making music myself anymore. That was the case for half a year.

I realized that I had to change something. So after graduating, I only took care of the band support on the radio. In any case, I could only concentrate long enough to work part-time.

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After the six-month break, I slowly regained confidence in my skills. Basically, my body told me that I shouldn't do anything else first than choose bands. A job that actually never felt like a real job to me. There I earn an average of 15,000 euros a year, depending on the effort. The good thing is that they also make my social security contributions for me. So I didn't have to worry about membership in the artists' welfare fund. I could just come and go as it worked best for me. So I regained my strength.