Who is Vladimir Putin's favorite movie hero

Steven Seagal: Vladimir Putin, you my friend and brother

Just yesterday the third part of Sylvester Stallone's retired mercenary saga “The Expendables” started in our cinemas - with the grizzled violence experts Banderas (sniper), Statham (knife), Jet Li (kung fu) and Schwarzenegger (assault rifle) - and we can already present a possible script for part IV at this point!

After dealing with arms dealer Mel Gibson in Romania in episode three, it's only a stone's throw to the Ukraine. A mysterious client pays them to take down the organizer of the government offensive in eastern Ukraine. For the mission, her old armorer (Mickey Rourke) rejoins the troop, and he brings judo expert Steven Seagal with him. Together they arrest the wanted person and deliver him to their client, who turns out to be Vladimir Putin (he plays himself).

This script is of course a complete invention - although: Would Putin stylize himself as he does if “Rambo” hadn't existed? Wouldn't an action blast with Hollywood veterans be the best propaganda for him? Wasn't the plot an exact copy of Putin's favorite film, "exploits of a scout," in which a Soviet major kidnaps a Nazi organizer to Moscow? And hasn't the cinema always jumped over the stick whose owner offered the most clay?

Putin's scout hero

Putin has already granted asylum to the tax prosecutor Gérard Depardieu, and Mickey Rourke recently bought a T-shirt with Putin in military outfit on a stroll in the Moscow luxury department store Gum. Steven Seagal now appeared with his blues band on a stage adorned with flags of pro-Russian separatists in Sevastopol in the occupied Crimea; He too put on the T-shirt with the likeness of his judo partner who, according to an interview from March, was “a friend”: “I would like to see him as a brother”.

From a Western point of view, these are of course naive, fatal alliances, like when Jane Fonda traveled to Hanoi in the middle of the Vietnam War and posed smiling on the anti-aircraft cannon - or like Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, who supported George W. Bush's attack on Iraq; his weapons of mass destruction allegations were "solid and justified in reality" said Spielberg at a famous press conference in Rome.