What are Adidas pants made of

Find the right sports pants - training pants - polyester pants - presentation pants

Finding the right sports pants is often not easy. Many active athletes who have been doing sports for several years often still find it difficult to choose the right sports pants. We will help you to find out quickly and easily what the right sports pants are.

Sports pants for what purpose

In addition to presentation trousers, polyester trousers and training trousers, you can also order jogging trousers in the sport shop. With this selection you can quickly lose track of things. When looking for sports trousers, you should therefore first consider what purpose the trousers will be used for later. Should it be sports pants for leisure or for active sport. Many athletes nowadays also use sports pants as replacement pants for their tracksuits. The differences in training and sports pants apply to all manufacturers and thus both for puma and Nike as well as Jako and Erima. Even from adidas there are now individual presentation pants to order.

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Presentation trousers - the leisure trousers

If the sports trousers are intended for leisure time, the presentation trousers are the right trousers. The presentation pants are one sporty leisure trousersfrom a fine material. The material is particularly light and the presentation pants have a cut that is a little wider. In addition, the trouser leg is often cut open, which ensures a relaxed leisure look. Due to the fine fabric in the material and the cut of the trousers, the presentation trousers can only be worn in leisure time and not for sport.

Polyester pants - for sports and leisure

Polyester pants are often worn in leisure time

The polyester pants are sports pants that both in leisureas well as during sportscan be worn. The material used for the polyester trousers is much more robust than that of the presentation trousers. In addition, the polyester pants also have one rather wide cutbut the sports pants have wide cuffs at the ankles. The cuffs fix the trousers on the leg and can be individually adjusted with a zipper. Due to the cut and the thicker material, the polyester pants can be worn for sports as well as for leisure. In addition to adults, the polyester pants are the ideal children's training pants. Did you know?Polyester pants are often referred to as soccer jogging pants.

Training pants - the pure sports pants

The training pants, like the presentation pants or the polyester pants, are made of 100% polyester material. The material used in the training pants is completely different. Training pants always have a particularly robust material more durableis than that of polyester pants. In addition, the training pants are different from the polyester pants or the presentation pants with one tight cutfitted. The shape of the trousers tapers tightly on the leg and lies directly on the calves. Ripp material fixes the pants in the entire area of ​​the calf. Due to the narrow shape, the training pants are sports pants just for sportis intended and not leisure.

Jogging pants - the stylish pants

Jogging pants are a sport classic. The pants are cut almost like the polyester pants and have wide cuffs at the leg ends (without zippers). Jogging pants are also almost always made of a very soft, almost fleec-like material. For this reason, jogging pants are the training pants that you wear before exercise or on the couch. However, there are also different types of jogging pants (for example with or without cuffs on the leg).

Do you fancy a new pair of sports pants?

All three types are available as long sports trousers and training trousers to be ordered directly from the sports shop. If you wish, you can also combine the sports pants and training pants directly with the matching training jackets to make your own tracksuit.

Information on the care of all sports pants! Sports pants made of polyester cannot shrink in this size, but you should still use the washing instructions for sportswear. The breathable properties in particular can be retained for so long.

Team sports tip:Since the individual training pants are also used for training suits, the differences can also be used for the presentation suit as well as the polyester suit and the training suit. The differences between the tracksuits can also be found in the jackets to the respective training pants and sports pants.

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