What are important mnemonics for the UPSC

Easy Flash Card Creator

Flash cards are one of the quickest and most effective learning technique. Easy Flash Card Creator lets you create flash cards in the fewest taps possible. It lets you create different decks of cards according to relevancy. The app is best suited for UPSC studies, GRE preparation, Definition learning, Math Formulas, Synonym / Antonyms or other similar kinds of test preparations. The application has inbuilt support for mnemonics, which can expedite your learning process and make it more enjoyable. Instructions to use the app:

- On the home screen, tap '+' to add a deck of cards.
- On the card display screen, tap '+' yet again to add a flash card to the selected deck.
- See more options by long pressing a card or deck.
- Preview and create each card by completing the - 'Ask This?' and 'Hidden Answer' sections.
- Add mnemonics to memorize the contents of the card and recall it quickly and correctly when required. For example, The mnemonic - 'Please excuse my dear aunt sally!' reduces to 'Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction' which tells you the order of arithmetic operations. Create your own mnemonics no matter how weird they sound.
- Swipe down on the screen to refresh or shuffle a deck.
- Tap a flash card, to expand it and reveal the answer / mnemonic, tap again to shrink back the flash card.

Happy Learning!

Do give your suggestions and comment how this app can be improved further.