What can a doctor be religious

When religion sits in the treatment room

When it comes to faith, doctors sometimes get into tricky situations. Some conservative believers, regardless of religion, cannot be easily examined, treated and treated. This is frustrating, as it means that the patient sometimes cannot get the best possible care.

Hekim Colpan is 28 years old and is studying medicine in Hanover. After training as an administrative clerk, he initially worked for five years in the field of social security with people from different social classes. He also made up his Abitur at an evening grammar school. He is now in his third year of study.

A similar background helps

Some patients only want to be treated by certain doctors, for example women only by women. Others do not come to the doctor at all, even if the pain is unbearable.

What should we doctors do? “Treating illnesses is a privilege,” explains a doctor friend who, due to his migration background, is in great demand among people of similar origins.

On the one hand, the common language helps to overcome barriers, on the other hand, the threshold for religious patients to deal with him is lower because they know that he belongs to the same religion. "Then they thank you for the treatment with excerpts from the scriptures," he reports.

A more open culture in medicine is necessary, much is still "ethical uncharted territory, both for patients and for doctors".

What happens in an emergency?

But what happens in an emergency if no doctor from the same religious community is on hand? Do these patients then jump over their shadows and drop their covers?

“Different,” explains a doctor in our emergency room: “We often don't know what the background to the hesitant behavior is, it can also be psychological. In most cases, however, the patients cooperate well. "

I think we still have a long way to go towards a more open culture in medicine. Patients need to agree to help so that we can help them. In any case, the social challenges of our time are already very clearly noticeable in medicine.