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Quiz games: The 3 best free quiz apps put to the test

Luck in the game, bad luck in love. For all singles who want to tear something on Valentine's Day, we looked around for the best quiz app for Android and iOS. Here you will find our top 3 with the best quiz questions and the greatest quiz game fun.

A quiz app is more than just a pleasant pastime. It can awaken the playful child in you, convey general knowledge in an entertaining way or provide a thrill. And if you play against other users, it even donates sociability. Exactly the right distraction for singles on Valentine's Day. But because quiz apps are popular, the selection in the stores is huge. That is why we have selected and tested free applications for you. Regardless of whether it is about quiz questions or the fun of quiz games: Here you will find the best quiz apps for Android and iOS.

Quiz duel - the oldtimer

The Quiz duel is the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" among the quiz apps and is without a doubt one of the classics of the genre. Although the application is past its peak, it is nevertheless worth taking a look. Because the online quiz oldie is still very popular, so you can always find opponents who want to compete with you. The principle of the quiz app is simply explained: You challenge your Facebook friends or Any player out to duel in different areas of knowledge. Whoever answers more questions correctly wins. The range of topics is wide and ranges from Witnesses of time above movie theater as Belief and religion or Media and entertainment. There is no boredom here, as there are currently over 35,000 quiz questions available to you. And there are more every day, so repetition is as good as impossible.

Quiz duel is designed to be very user-friendly. Setting up the app is pleasantly straightforward: a username and password are all you need to get started. If you like it more personal, you can of course also register via Facebook and challenge friends to a knowledge test or share your own quiz game scores. You also have the option of using Settings create an avatar or send in your own questions. Other useful features are statistics, toplists with the best players or the daily or monthly quiz. An additional plus point of the classic is that the app also has a single player mode. If you're not in the mood for a battle, just play that BlitzQuiz against the clock. Time provides the kick here.

  • Single player mode
  • Easy log-in
  • Lots of questions

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Quizdom - the multi-lane

Quizdom is an intuitively designed app with which you can easily compete with other quiz game fans. The look is a bit old-fashioned, but you can play up to 10 matches at the same time - be it against your friends or against any opponent. This avoids the annoying waiting as long as it is your opponent's turn. And it's very easy: Install the quiz app, select the language, register via email or Facebook and you're ready to go. First, the app asks you to select two categories of knowledge. Of Celebrities above politics or science up to values ​​and standards or. Eating and cooking: There is something here for everyone who likes to play. In the selected categories you then duel with friends whom you challenge via WhatsApp or Facebook. Or you can have a random opponent assigned to you.

The games consist of two rounds each with four questions for you and for your opponent. You have 1 minute per question. The winner is the one who answers most of the questions correctly. Also Quizdom has interesting features such as Your game stats, Top lists with the most successful players or small ones Challenges. You have mastered the latter, for example if you do this Perfect game deliver or 5 consecutive wins drive in. Because theQuizdom-App poses quiz questions of all levels of difficulty, the application is a win for different types of players.

  • User friendly
  • Parallel matches

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QuizUp - The stylish one

QuizUp is the right knowledge test for adrenaline junkies. Here you duel in real time with opponents from all over the world while the clock is ticking. So it is not only important to provide the right answer, but also to be faster than the person you are speaking to. In view of the variety of topics, none of the apps tested can with QuizUp keep up. The makers have achieved great things here. The offer covers all areas of interest that you could wish for: From standard categories such as General knowledge or history about specific areas like Disney movies, Fictional characters or Hip hop.

The app is user-friendly and has a very attractive design. The setup is also very straightforward: You register via email or Facebook, select topics and get started right away. You can choose your opponents via Facebook or you can use the random generator to determine them. Each game consists of seven quiz questions, with four possible answers to choose from. On the display you not only see your answer options and the remaining time, but also when and how your opponent answers. If you get enough victories in these duels, you will reach the next level. But be careful: the addiction factor is quite high.

  • Real-time duels
  • Modern design
  • Large selection of topics

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Conclusion - our test result

The tested quiz apps all serve their purpose and provide thrills and fun. All are based on the principle of competition: You play against friends or other users. The Quiz duel also offers a single mode, but is also quite conventional. Another drawback is the sometimes long loading times. Quizdom allows you to play several matches at the same time, but is not so visually appealing. QuizUp is therefore our test winner. Real-time duels, modern design and the large selection of topics make the app the ultimate quiz master that should not be missing on any smartphone.