Who taught Vishnu Sahasranamam

Chapter 149 - The 1000 Names of Krishna

Vaisampayana said:
After Yudhishthira had heard all these tasks, sacred deeds and things in their communion, which cleanse people from their sins, he turned to the son of Shantanu again.

And Yudhishthira asked:
Who can be considered the deity in the world? Who can be our only refuge? Who should people worship and praise in order to achieve true well-being? Which path of virtue do you think is the best? What sacred mantras can free a being from the bonds of birth and suffering?

Bhishma said:
One should always indefatigably sing the praises of the Lord of all worlds, this God who is infinite and the highest of all beings, by reciting his thousand names. He who constantly worships this immutable being with devotion, meditates on him, sings his praise, bows his head before him and offers him sacrifices, verily, who always praises Vishnu, who is without beginning and without end, who knows no impermanence, this one Supreme Lord of all worlds, this master and guide of the universe - he can overcome all suffering. He is connected to the Brahmins, he knows all tasks and means in life, he bestows fame and all achievements, he is the master of all worlds, he is full of miracles and the origin of all creatures. In my opinion, this is the best way of virtue - namely, to always worship and praise the lotus-eyed Krishna with devotion. He is the highest energy and the highest renunciation. He is the highest Brahman and the highest refuge. He is the most holy of all the holy and the most excellent of all the excellent. He is the god of all gods and the unchangeable father of all beings. At the appearance of the first yuga, all creatures arise from him, and in the last yuga (a day of creation) everything goes back into him. So now hear, O King, the thousand, most sin-purifying names from this Most High in all worlds, this Master of the Universe, who is also called Vishnu. All of these names, as sung by the Rishis, refer to the well-known and also hidden qualities of the high-souled Krishna Vasudeva. I will present them to you for the benefit of all beings.

It is He who dwells in all creatures, who surrounds all creatures, to whom all offerings flow, the Lord of the past, present and future, the creator, sustainer and destroyer of all that exists, the perfect existence, the Supreme Self and the Source of everything. (1-9)

It is He, the pure soul, the Supreme Soul, the highest refuge of all liberated, the unchangeable, the one dwelling in the body, the highest witness, the knower of his body and the indestructible. (10-17)

It is He in whom the mind rests during yoga absorption, the guide of all yogis, the lord of spirit and matter, the lion man, the beautiful-faced, the fair-haired and the Supreme Spirit. (18-24)

It is He, the embodiment of all things, the one existing beyond the three qualities of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, the immovable, the beginning and the end of all creatures, the immutable, who takes his birth as desired, the life force in all beings, the Preserver of all creatures, the source of the natural elements, the mighty and the unlimited ruler. (25-37)

It is He, the self-born, the source of happiness for his admirers, the leading genius in the solar disk, the lotus-eyed, the speaker, the unlimited, the bearer of the universe (in the form of Ananta, etc.), the determinant for all deeds and their fruits and the one standing above Brahma. (38-46)

It is He, the immeasurable, the lord of the senses, from whose navel the primordial lotus grows, the lord of all gods, the architect of the universe, the mantra, the transience of all creatures, the giant, the ancient and the enduring. (47-56)

It is He, the Incomprehensible (neither through senses nor through thoughts), the Eternal, the Dark, the Red-Eyed, the All-Destroyer during the universal dissolution, the limitless in knowledge, in power and goodness, who resides in the beginning, in the middle and in the end of all creatures, the purifying, the perfect and high . (57-64)

It is He who urges all beings to act, drives the breath of life, causes life, the most ancient, the first of all fathers, who carries the gold in his belly, who has the earth as his belly, the husband of Shri or Lakshmi and the Madhu Annihilator. (65-72)

It is He, the Almighty, the embodiment of heroism, the bow-armed man, the spiritual bearer of all writings, the wanderer through the universe, the rider on Garuda, the worthy for all sacrifices, the incomparable, the inexorable, the knower of all deeds that Embodiment of all deeds and the resting in his true self. (73-84)

It is He, the Lord of all gods, the support of everything, the embodiment of the highest bliss, the seeds of the universe, the source of all appearances, the cosmic day, the cosmic year, the serpentine power, the embodiment of the laws and the seer of all things . (85-94)

It is He, the unborn, the father of all beings, the successful, the success itself, the first cause, the immortal, the embodiment of justice in the form of the bull and the great boar, who again highlighted the sunken earth, the immeasurable soul and the only one who is unbound. (95-103)

It is He who dwells in his admirers, the tolerant, free from anger, hatred, pride and passion, the true harmony due to his complete impartiality, the one recognized by his admirers, the always the same, the one beyond all change, the all Wishes of his admirers fulfilling, the lotus-eyed, the always righteous doer and justice itself. (104-113)

It is He who redeems all beings, the diversity of the world, the bearer of all worlds, the source of the universe, pure fame, the immortal, the eternal and constant, the beautifully formed, the connoisseur of renunciation, who moves nature through renunciation to unfold the whole universe. (114-122)

It is He, the wanderer everywhere, the omniscient, the originally brilliant, the universally venerated, the sought-after, the embodiment of the Vedas, the highest connoisseur of the Vedas, the connoisseur of all knowledge, the knowledge itself, the interpreter of all Vedas and the Highest in wisdom. (123-133)

It is He, the master of all worlds, the master of all gods, the judge of justice and injustice, every cause and every effect, the four-souled (in the form of Aniruddha, Pradyumna, Sankarshana and Vasudeva), the four-shaped, the four-horned (to beat the demons) and the four-armed man (to hold shell, discus, club and lotus flower). (134-141)

It is He, the radiant, the nourishing and caring, the punishing, the one who existed before creation, the immaculate, the always victorious, the annihilator of demons, the material cause of the universe and the source of all matter. (142-150)

It is He, the younger brother of Indra, who was born as a dwarf, who covers heaven, earth and hell with three steps, whose deeds are never senseless, the purifier, who with outstanding energy and strength, who surpasses Indra in all qualities, who accepts all his admirers, creation itself, the self-sustaining person without birth, growth and death, the bearer of all creatures with their respective functions and the guide in the heart of all beings. (151-162)

It is He whom all who seek their highest good should know, the heavenly healer in the form of Dhanvantari (who heals all diseases, namely the fetters on the world), the always yoga practitioner, the demon destroyer in the sense of justice, the husband of Lakshmi, who emerged from the ocean when he was whisked by the gods and demons, the honeyed sweetness, the one who is beyond all senses, who has the power of illusion who unfolds the great energy and who is beyond all power. (163-172)

It is He, the one above all intelligence, the one above all strength, the one above all abilities, the one who illuminates the universe, the invisible, the completely beautiful, the incomprehensible for gods, demons and people, and the one in the form of a huge turtle carried the mighty mountain Mandara as a whorl on his back when the great ocean was buttered up. (173-180)

It is He who can shoot his arrows over great distances without obstacles, who once again emphasized the sunken earth as a mighty boar, on whose breast the goddess of prosperity dwells, the refuge of all righteous, who can only be won by devotion, the delight of the gods, the savior of the sunken earth and the master of all eloquence. (181-188)

It is He, the Splendid, the Healer, who, as a swan, proclaimed the Vedas to the Great Father Brahma, who has Garuda, this king of the feathered heavenly inhabitants, as a mount, who is identical with the first of the Nagas, Sesha or Ananta, and who wide earth, who with the golden navel, who practiced the strictest renunciation as Narayana in Vadari on the back of Himavat, from whose navel grows the primordial lotus and the lord of all beings. (189-197)

It is He, the deathless, the always benevolent, the all-destructive, the ruler of all rulers, the enjoyer and sufferer of the fruits of all deeds, the same everywhere, the always moved, the unbearable for demons, the one who punishes the evildoers, the one who sees the truth and the one Destroy enemies. (198-208)

It is He, the Teacher in all sciences and the All-Father, the Teacher of Brahma, the abode of all beings, the benefactor of all the righteous and the always truthful, the inextricably powerful one, whose eyes never blink or sleep, who carries the inevitable garland of victory , the lord of speech and the great benefactor who saves even the weakest beings. (209-218)

It is He, the one who leads to liberation, the all-ruler, the herald of the Vedas and savior of the Vedas, the executor of all functions in the universe, who takes the form of the wind in order to let all beings live and act, the thousand-headed, the the all-pervading soul of the universe, the thousand-eyed and the thousand-footed. (219-226)

It is He who lets the wheel of the worlds revolve according to his will, who is free from desire and self-interest, who is hidden from the eyes of all beings who cling to the world, who attracts all beings, the creator of the day in the form of the sun, the destroyer of all-destroying time, who carries the whole universe with only a tiny part, the beginningless one and the support of the earth in space. (227-235)

It is He, Most Gracious, One of the natural qualities of Raja and Tama (of passion and darkness) Free, the pure sattwa (Quality) is, the maintainer of the universe, the nourisher of all, the infinitely powerful, the worshiper of the gods, ancestors and all venerable, the venerable by all, the great benefactor, who draws all creatures back into his self for universal dissolution, who dwells in water and the ignorance of all beings distracting. (236-247)

It is He, the one who stands above all, the righteous one, the one who purifies all worlds, the one fulfilling all wishes, the one who gives fruit, the one who bestows success and the one who listens to prayers. (248-256)

It is He who determines all holy days, who bestows gifts on all sides to his worshipers, who wanders everywhere in the universe, who reveals the highest way to justice, who is full of justice, who unfolds everything, who expands himself to the universe, who is beyond all things and unites the ocean of knowledge. (257-264)

It is He, the most strong-armed, the unbearable, from whom the word Brahma flows, the father of all fathers of the universe, the source of all wealth, the one who dwells in his own strength, the multiform, the one-shaped, the one as sacrifice in all beings dwells and brings forth all appearances. (265-274)

It is He who is full of power, energy and glory, who shows himself to his worshipers, who scorches the unrighteous with his energy, who with the six qualities (of abundance, etc.) Gifted, who taught the Vedas to Brahma, who appears as Saman, Rik and Yajur Veda, who soothes his devotees, who are tormented by the fire of the world, with the cool rays of the moon, and who appears in radiant shine like the sun. (275-282)

It is He, from whose spirit the moon arose, the self-radiating, the all-nourishing, the master of the gods, the powerful medicine against the disease of worldly attachment, the great dam of the universe, the bearer of all knowledge and all qualities, the always fertile and steadfast in its power. (283-289)

It is He who fulfills the wishes of all beings in the past, present and future, who saves his worshipers and looks kindly at them, who sanctifies even the most sacred, who connects the breath of life with the soul, who stills the passion of the redeemed, who Father of love, the most pleasant, the most desirable, the omnipotent and the omnipresent. (290-299)

It is He who sets the Yugas in motion, who turns the wheel of the four Yugas, the bearer of all kinds of illusions in the various Yugas, the all-consuming at the end of the yugas, the irrepressible, the all-form, the destroyer of enemies and the all-destroyer. (300-308)

It is He, the one sought by all, the one standing above everything, the one to be found through wisdom and virtue, the one who wears the pen on his hat, the one enveloping all creatures with his illusion, the one gracious to all his admirers, the one who dissolves the anger of the righteous and the wrath of the unrighteous stirer, the finisher of all works, the support of the whole universe and the bearer of the earth. (309-318)

It is He who is beyond the six well-known changes (Fertilization, birth, growth, maturity, decline and dissolution), the most famous, the cause of life, the giver of life, the dwarfish, the one who carries all the water in the world, the one who covers all creatures, the one who is never careless and the one who shines out of himself. (319-327)

It is He, the one flowing in the form of nectar, the law-giver, the law-being, the one bearing the burden of the world, the blessing-giver, the one moving the wind, the son of Vasudeva, the exceedingly splendid, the father of all gods and the destroyer of all enemy cities. (328-336)

It is He who is beyond all worries and suffering, who guides us safely across the ocean of life and world, who frees the hearts of all his devotees from the fear of rebirth, whose courage and strength is infinite, who is in the tribe of Sura was born, the Master of all living beings, who is inclined to show his grace to everyone, who has come to earth hundreds of times for the benefit of beings, who holds a lotus flower in his hands and whose eyes are like the petals of the lotus flower. (337-346)

It is He, from whose navel the primordial lotus grows, the lotus-eyed one, who sits in the lotus of the heart, who takes the form of the embodied soul, who is endowed with every power that arises in the form of the five elements, the ancient soul, the farsighted one and the Garuda in the banner. (347-355)

It is He, the Incomparable, the Sarabha (a mythical lion-killing animal)Who punishes evildoers, who knows everything that happened in time, who receives the clarified butter in the form of the gods, which is poured into the sacrificial fire, who is sought and found everywhere, on whose breast the goddess of prosperity always lingers, and who is victorious in every battle. (356-364)

It is He, the indestructible, the one who appears red, the one sought by the righteous, the root of all things, who wears the ribbon around his belly, the all-forgiving, who holds up the mountains, the most admirable, the fastest and the all-consuming. (365-374)

It is He who causes creation, who moves matter and spirit, who shines in glory, who has the power in his belly, the Supreme Master, the stuff of which the universe was made, the maker of the universe, who of all Is independent of things, who determines the diversity in the universe, the incomprehensible, and who makes himself invisible through illusion. (375-385)

It is He, the pure consciousness without all attributes, on which everything rests, in which all things dwell, who takes his admirers to himself, the most steadfast, the most powerful, the one glorified in Vedanta, the satisfied, the fulfilled and the blissful Radiant. (386-395)

It is He who enlightens all yogis, the goal of all beings, the perfect path, redemption, the guide to redemption, the only guideless, the highest power, the highest of all powerful, the all holder and the first of all knower of virtue and life's tasks . (396-404)

It is He who connects the elements into creatures at the time of creation, who dwells in all bodies, who lets all beings in the world act, who unfolds all beings again and again at the beginning of creation, to whom everyone bows reverently, who in the whole universe, which has the golden, original egg as its belly, from which everything arises, which beats the enemies of the gods, which forms all creatures, which spreads sweet scents and which does not cling to the sensual pleasures. (405-415)

It is He who is embodied in the seasons, whose knowledge fulfills all wishes, who weakens all creatures, who dwells in every heart, who can be known in everything, who fills every creature with fear of death, in whom all beings dwell, who all Can accomplish works, the highest resting place of all beings (regarding the exemption), and who is superior in knowledge to all beings. (416-425)

It is He in whom the whole universe is expanded, who alone stands motionless, and on whom everything rests eternally, who is not an object of knowledge, the indestructible and immutable seed, the one sought by all, the completely desireless, the deepest cause, the one who rejoices in everything and the one who possesses everything. (426-434)

It is He who is beyond all despair, who exists in the form of renunciation, who exists without birth, the post of justice, the great embodiment of sacrifice, the hub of the star wheel in the firmament, the moon among the constellations, the Almighty, the Resting in itself when all appearances are gone and the cause of every new creation. (435-444)

It is He, the embodiment of all sacrifices, the honored in all sacrifices and rites, the most admirable in all sacrifices, the embodiment of all sacrificial animals, who should be worshiped before every meal, the refuge for all on the way to liberation, the highest witness of all acts and omissions of all beings, who are beyond all properties, the omniscient and the knowledge itself, which is hidden and unlimited and can effect everything. (445-454)

It is He who observes excellent vows, who always has a face full of delight, who is extremely subtle, who sounds pleasant, who gives joy, who selflessly does good to others, who fills all beings with delight, who has overcome anger, the strong-armed who punishes the unjust. (455-464)

It is He who plunges the ignorant into the deep sleep of his illusion, who rests in the self, who expands the whole universe, who exists in infinite forms, who works in infinite abilities, who lives in everything, who loves everyone, the universal Father who, like a vast ocean, holds all jewels and precious stones in his belly and is the lord of all treasures. (465-474)

It is He, the protector of justice, who accomplishes all tasks of justice, who is justice itself, who exists in all times and also does not exist, who is perishable and also imperishable, who is ignorant and also omniscient, who determines and everything created the sacred commandments. (475-485)

It is He who sends out innumerable rays of light as the sun, who dwells in all creatures, who has incomparable power, the master of death and other powers, the eldest of all gods, who insists unconditionally in his own glory, the lord of all gods and the god of Gods. (486-493)

It is He who is beyond birth and death, who loves and protects the sacred cows, who nourishes all beings, who can be approached only through self-knowledge, the ancient who brings forth the elements that make up the body, who enjoys and suffers, which took the form of a giant boar, which in its sacrifices richly bestows all. (494-502)

It is He who drinks the Soma in every sacrifice, who lives on the nectar of immortality, who is Soma (Moon) nourishes all plants, who immediately overcomes all enemies, who exists in all forms and is the highest of all beings, the one who restrains, the one who is victorious everywhere, the one who is sure of goal, the one worthy of worship, who gives his beings what they do not have and protects what they do to have. (503-512)

It is He who receives the breath of life, who regards all his creatures as external objects, who sees nothing other than the self, who leads to liberation, whose three steps cover heaven, earth and the underworld, who holds all water in himself, who survives whole space, all time and all things, which after the universal dissolution rests on an extensive water, and which causes the destruction of all creatures. (513-521)

It is He, the unborn, the most admirable, the self-existent, who is all enemies (Desire, hatred and ignorance) who delights those who meditate on Him, the one who is light, the source of joy, the cause of all joy, the perfectly truthful one, whose footprints exist in all three worlds. (522-530)

It is He, the first of the Rishis, the teacher Kapila, the knower of all worlds, the master of the earth, the tripod, the guardian of the gods, the unicorn, who exhausts all deeds by letting the doers enjoy or suffer their fruits. (531-538)

It is He, the great boar, who is recognized by means of Vedanta, the well-respected, the one adorned with gold bracelets, the hidden, the profound, the hard-to-find, the one beyond words and thoughts and the one armed with a disc and a club. (539-547)

It is He, the Guide, the Cause, the Unconquered, the Enduring, the All-Knowing, the Immovable, the island-born Vyasa, the son of Varuna, who shows himself in his true form in the lotus flower of the heart, and who only through his will creates, preserves and destroys. (548-558)

It is He, with the six qualities, the destroyer of the six qualities, bliss itself, who carries the garland of the victors, who is armed with the plow (alluding to Balarama)who was born of Aditi, who has the shine of the sun, of all opposites (like heat and cold, happiness and suffering, etc.) endures and the highest refuge of all creatures. (559-568)

It is He who is armed with the best of bows (Sarnga)holding his battle ax (to Parasurama from the Bhrigu tribe) gave, the unbearable, who fulfills all wishes, the great, who touches the highest heavens with his head, who sees through the whole universe, who as Vyasa orders the Vedas, the master of speech and learning and the unborn. (569-576)

It is He, the one with the three (best) Saman songs is praised, the singer of the Samans who is without worldly attachment, the great healer and medicine itself, who has determined the fourth way of life of renunciation, who soothes the passions of his devotees, the perfectly contented and the refuge of devotion and inner Silence. (577-585)

It is He who is endowed with beautiful limbs, who gives the stillness of the soul, the Creator who delights on the back of the earth, who rests on the primordial serpent Sesha after the universal dissolution in the yoga recess, the benefactor of the sacred cows , the Master of the Universe, the Protector of the Universe, who has the eyes of a bull and who lovingly cherishes justice. (586-595)

It is He, the hero who never flees, whose soul is withdrawn from all attachments, who withdraws the whole universe for universal dissolution into the undeveloped, who does good to his suffering admirers, whose name already cleanses the listener from all sins, who unties the auspicious endless knot on his chest, in which the goddess of prosperity dwells forever, who was chosen by Lakshmi as her master and the first of all beings blessed with prosperity. (596-604)

It is He who gives prosperity to his devotees, the Master of prosperity, who always lives with prosperity, the embodiment of all prosperity, who gives prosperity to all righteous according to their virtue, who carries the goddess of prosperity on his chest, who gives prosperity to them who hear, praise and meditate, the embodiment of unattainable happiness that possesses all beauty and is the refuge of the three worlds. (605-614)

It is He, with the beautiful eyes, with the beautiful limbs, with the hundred sources of delight, the highest delight itself, the master of all lights in the firmament, who has overcome his soul, who has completely freed his soul, who always acts justly , and whose doubts were all dispelled. (615-623)

It is he who stands above all beings, who spreads in all directions, who has no master, who is forever beyond all changes, who lies on the bare earth, who adorns the earth, who is the power, who is all suffering overcomes and dispels all fear for all who recognize him. (624-632)

It is He, the Splendid, Adored by all, the Body of the Universe, the Pure Self, the Purifying, the Free and Unbound, Who never withdraws from a fight, and who possesses all wealth and incomparable power. (633-641)

It is He, the demon slayer, the true hero who was born in the tribe of Sura, the Lord of all gods, the soul of the three worlds, the master of the universe who wears the sun and moon rays as his hair, the destroyer of Kesin and of all worlds. (642-650)

It is He, the God fulfilling all wishes, the wish-fulfilling, the wishing, the pleasant, the knower of all holy scriptures, whose form is indescribable, whose bright light outshines every heaven that has no end, and who wins all riches. (651-660)

It is He, the supreme goal of silent recitation, sacrifices, Vedas and all religious deeds, the creator of renunciation, the supreme Brahman, the multiplier of renunciation, the knower of Brahman, the embodiment of the Brahmins, the Brahma body, the knower of all Vedas and all things in the universe, and who loves the Brahmins as much as they love him. (661-670)

It is He, who transcends everything, the most powerful, the infinitely energetic, the serpent king Vasuki, the highest of all sacrifices, the highest of all mantras and the highest of all offerings. (671-678)

It is He who is sung about by everyone, who is the hymn itself and singing, who likes to fight, who is perfect in every respect, who gives all beings their riches, who destroys all sins as soon as he is remembered, who always acts righteously and who overcomes all diseases. (679-689)

It is He, the quick of the mind, the creator and herald of all teachings, the one with the golden seed, the giver of wealth, the taker of wealth, the dwelling place of all creatures, the spirit of all beings and the purifier of sinners. (690-698)

It is He who is available to the righteous, who always acts for salvation, the unity in the universe, the diversity in the worlds, the refuge of all truthful, the leader of all heroes, the first of the Yadavas, the abode of righteousness and of oneself joyful everywhere. (699-707)

It is He in whom all creatures have their home, the deity, the whole universe with its Maya (Illusion) fulfilled, the Supreme Being, in which all the redeemed merge, the infinite who humiliates the pride of all, the pride itself, the one growing in joy, the incomprehensible and invincible. (708-716)

It is He, with the universal form, with the limitless form, with the energetic and radiant form, the formless, the monotonous, the multiform and the one with the countless faces. (717-724)

It is He, the manifold, the blissful, the one sought everywhere, the all-being, the one, the highest refuge, the embodiment of the soul, the one desired by all, the one born in the tribe of Madhu and the lover of all his devotees. (725-735)

It is He, the gold-colored, who shines like gold, the beautifully limbed, the one adorned with ornaments, the victor over all heroes, the incomparable, the immeasurable, who needs no blessing, who never leaves his true nature, his strength and knowledge, and that is as agile as the wind. (736-745)

It is He who never identifies with anything, who honors his devotees, who is venerated by all, the Lord of the three worlds, who develops the three worlds, who keeps in his mind all knowledge, who was born in sacrifice, who of the deserves the highest praise, whose intelligence never seems pointless, and who holds up the earth. (746-755)

It is He who unfolds the heat in the form of the sun, who carries the most beautiful body, who holds the best weapons, who accepts the offerings of flowers and herbs, who has overcome all his passions and enemies, before whom nobody goes, the four Has horns, and Gada's older brother. (756-764)

It is He, with the four forms, four arms, four Purushas, ​​four ways of life, four castes, four souls, four goals in life and four Vedas, and who shows only a fraction of his power. (765-772)

It is He who turns the wheel of the world, whose soul is free from all worldly attachments, who can never be conquered, who cannot be surpassed, who is difficult to reach, who is difficult to approach, who is difficult to get into own heart can be brought, and who defeats even the most powerful enemies. (773-781)

It is He, the most glorious, who takes the essence of all things in the universe, who has the most beautiful fabrics, whose woven threads are endless, whose works are done by Indra, whose deeds are truly great, who leaves nothing undone, and who all Vedas and wrote writings. (782-789)

It is He, the High-born, the incomparably beautiful, whose heart is full of compassion, who has a precious gem in his navel, who has the highest knowledge as his eye, who is worthy of worship himself by Brahman, the giver of all nourishment, who is at the time wears the horns of universal dissolution, who always wonderfully conquers his enemies, who knows all things, and who is always victorious even against the most irresistible. (790-799)

It is He, with the golden limbs, the inextricable one, the master of speech, the deepest lake, the deepest well that is beyond time and in which the elements are founded. (800-806)

It is He who delights the earth, grants all fruits, who gave the earth to Kasyapa, who dissolves the three kinds of suffering, who purifies all beings, who no one urges, who drinks the nectar, who has an immortal body, the omniscient and who has eyes in every direction. (807-816)

It is He, the easily reconcilable, who has made excellent vows, who is crowned with success by himself, who conquers all enemies, who burns all enemies, the ever-growing tall Banian, who towers above all other trees, the sacred fig tree, the tree of life and the winner over Chanura. (817-825)

It is He, with the thousand rays, the seven tongues, the seven flames and the seven horses, the formless, the sinless, the unimaginable, the fearless, and who dispels and destroys all fears. (826-834)

It is He, the smallest, the greatest, the thinnest, the thickest, who bears all qualities and is without qualities, the incomprehensible, the easily attainable (through devotion), the beautiful-faced, the ancestor, and who unfolds the whole creation from the five elements. (835-846)

It is He who bears the heaviest things that is described in the Vedas, which is dedicated to yoga, the Lord of all yogis, the source of all desires, who lets all supplicants dwell in him, who guides the yogis on their way and always for them who bears the most beautiful leaves on the tree of life and who drives the winds gives new strength. (847-856)

It is He who is armed with the bow, who masters the art of weaponry, the staff of rulership itself, the ruler, the punisher, the undefeated, who is capable in all deeds, who determines all persons their tasks, who himself determines from no one and who knows no death. (857-866)

It is He, full of heroism and strength, who makes the quality of Sattwa (Quality) who is united with the truth, who is always dedicated to virtue and justice, who is sought by all who seek liberation, who deserves all devotion and admiration, who does good to all, and who brings joy to all. (867-875)

It is He who pulls his tracks through the firmament, who shines in his own splendor, who is full of glory, who consumes the offerings in the sacrificial fire, who dwells everywhere and is omnipotent, who draws the moisture of the earth into heaven, the omnipresent who brings forth all appearances, the Father of the Universe, who has the sun as his eye. (876-885)

It is He, the Infinite who receives all offerings, who delights in nature in the form of the Spirit, the source of bliss, the freely born, the firstborn who knows no despair, who forgives all the righteous, who is the foundation of the world and the most wonderful. (886-895)

It is He who was before time, who was before the birth of the Great Father, who was dark, who took on the form of the great boar, who still existed after the universal dissolution, who bestowed all blessings, the creator of all blessings, who Blessing himself, the enjoyer of all blessings, and who can give every blessing. (896-905)

It is He, the angry, the undeveloped, the one armed with the disc, the most powerful, the ruler according to the holy commandments, the indescribable by words, to whom the words of the Vedantas indicate, the cooling dew for all suffering tormented, the one in all Bodies living and the light that dissolves every darkness. (906-914)

It is He, the good-natured, who can accomplish everything through thoughts, words and deeds, who does all deeds at once, who punishes the evildoers, the first of all forgivers, the first of all wise, who is beyond all fear, and his names and deeds , heard and recited, lead to virtue and justice. (915-922)

It is He who saves the virtuous from the stormy ocean of the world, who punishes evildoers, who is the law itself, who dispels all bad dreams, who destroys all unwholesome paths, who leads his worshipers on the wholesome path to liberation, who protects the universe through his goodness, who walks the wholesome path, which is life itself, and which exists as the universe. (923-931)

It is He, with the infinite forms, the infinite prosperity, who has overcome the anger, who destroys the fears of the righteous, who distributes the fruits fairly, the immeasurable soul, the law of karma, the determinant and the fruitgiver. (932-940)

It is He, the beginningless, the source of all causes, who always has the goddess of prosperity at his side, the first of all heroes, who is adorned with beautiful bracelets, who unfolds all creatures, the original cause of the birth of all beings, who Terror of all evil-minded demons and the terrifyingly powerful. (941-949)

It is He, the home of the five elements, who devours all creatures at the time of the universal dissolution, whose smile is as pleasant as the sight of flowers, the always watchful, who stands at the head of all beings, who consists of the conduct of the righteous who resuscitates the dead, the original syllable OM and the determiner of all righteous deeds. (950-958)

It is He who proclaims the truth from the Supreme Soul, who is the abode of the five vital winds and senses, who is the nourishment for all living beings, who gives life to all beings through the breath, who is the great theme in every philosophical system is the one soul in the universe and the one beyond birth, old age and death. (960-965)

It is He who saves the universe through the sacred syllables Bhur, Bhuvah, Swaha etc. in the Homa Sacrifice, the great Savior, the Lord of all, the Father of Brahma, the Sacrifice itself, the Lord of all sacrifices, the Sacrifice, the has the sacrifices as his members and who holds up all sacrifices. (966-975)

It is He, the protector of the sacrifices, the creator of the sacrifices, the performer of the sacrifices, the recipient of all sacrifices, the causer of all sacrifices, the finisher of all sacrifices, the embodiment of all sacrifices, the nourishment of all living beings and the consumer of all nourishment. (976-984)

It is He, the Self-Existing, the Self-Born, the All-Pervasive, the Saman-Singer, the Son of Devaki, the All Creator, the Lord of the Earth, the Destroyer of Sin. (985-992)

It is He, the bearer of the shell (Panchajanya), the bearer of the sword of knowledge and illusion, who makes the cycle of yugas circling incessantly, who surrounds himself with consciousness and senses, who carries the club of conviction and hurls the all-destroying discus, the invulnerable and the armed with all weapons. (993-1000)

OM, adoration be to Him!

With that I have fully recited to you the thousand excellent names of the high-souled Krishna, whose fame should always be sung about. Anyone who hears or recites his names every day will never again be overwhelmed by an evil, neither in this nor in the world to come. If a Brahmin does so, he will master the Vedanta, a Kshatriya will always be successful in battle, a Vaisya will attain prosperity, and a Shudra will reap great happiness. Whoever desires the merits of virtue and justice will receive them. Whoever desires wealth will gain wealth. He who desires pleasure will enjoy pleasure, and whoever desires offspring will be blessed with it. A person who turns to Him with full devotion and steadfastness and those thousand names of Vasudeva every day (Krishna) recited, he purifies himself and will achieve great fame, high esteem among his relatives, constant prosperity and finally the highest. Such a person is never overwhelmed by fear and acquires great strength and energy. Illness will not torment him, and glory, well-being, beauty and success will be with him. The sick get well, the tormented redeemed, the fearful calmed, and the needy find help. Whoever recites this hymn with the thousand names of the Supreme Being with devotion will quickly overcome all difficulties. The mortal who takes refuge in Vasudeva and surrenders to him is freed from all sins and attains eternal Brahman. Anyone devoted to Vasudeva will never encounter any evil. He will be free from fear of birth, death, old age and illness. Those who recite this hymn with devotion and faith will acquire bliss, forgiveness, prosperity, wisdom, memory and fame. Neither anger, nor envy, greed, or malevolent thoughts can appear in one who is virtuously devoted to this Supreme Being. The firmament with the sun, moon and stars, the celestial vault, the cardinal points, the earth and the ocean are all supported together by the power of the highly souled Vasudeva. The whole animate and inanimate universe with the gods, demons, Gandharvas, Yakshas, ​​Nagas and Rakshasas is under the rule of Krishna. It is said that the senses, spirit, intellect, life, energy, power and memory have Vasudeva as their essence. Verily this body, the Kshetra (Field) is called, and the intelligent soul dwelling in it, which is called Kshetrajna (Field expert) also have Vasudeva as their essence. Practical behavior is treated as a major issue in all of the scriptures. Because practical behavior is the basis for justice and virtue (Dharma). And the incorruptible Vasudeva is considered the Lord of Dharma. The rishis, ancestors, gods, elements, substances and truly the whole animate and inanimate universe emerged from Narayana. Yoga practice, Sankhya theory, knowledge, crafts, Vedas, all scriptures and all learning come from Janardana (= Vasudeva = Krishna = Vishnu). Vishnu is the one that unfolds in the variety of forms. He envelops the three worlds, is the soul of everything and enjoys everything. His fame knows no diminution, and He is the connoisseur of the universe (as his Supreme Lord). This hymn in praise of the famous Vishnu was written by Vyasa and should be recited by all who wish their happiness and greatest salvation. For whoever devotedly worships and worships the lotus-eyed Lord of the universe, this deity who is unborn, immortal and eternally radiant, this first origin of the universe, will no longer overcome suffering.