How do you conquer yourself

Conquer a man: With these 14 tips you can win him over

Every time you find it difficult and you have the feeling that you still don't know exactly how to do it: to conquer a man. Once you've fallen in love with a man, your nerves are on edge and questions like “How do I speak to him?” Or “What if he says no?” Run through your head. But all the excitement doesn't have to be. We prepare you Step by step and with helpful tips for the next conquest!


1. Conquer a man: How to win his heart in 7 steps
2. 7 Helpful Tips: These are the things to look out for when trying to conquer a man

Conquering a man: How to win his heart in 7 steps

Step 1: Take your destiny into your own hands

Give yourself a jolt and just speak to him! Nowadays the image of the woman waiting to be conquered is long out of date. So take your courage and take the first step. The same applies if you have already established contact. Most men love it when they know what they want. So just suggest a plan or a restaurant for your next date.
Online Dating Tip:If you see a profile that you like, don't wait for Him to contact you. Send a smile or write him a nice message right now!

Step 2: be confident

Of course everyone has a different dynamic in getting to know each other, however, self-confidence and quick-wittedness are generally well receivedif you want to conquer a man. You don't have to agree with him to please him - and that's when the most exciting conversations and discussions often arise.

Step 3: stay authentic

Are you really excited before the date and really want to please him? You don't need to get the tightest dress out of the closet or put on extra eye-catching make-up. In most cases, this is not so well received. Don't pretend to be a man you just want to get to know. Be yourself from the start because authenticity is definitely much more attractive and impressive on your counterpart as what you think what he wants to hear.

Step 4: show interest

In addition to self-confidence and authenticity, when conquering a man it is also important to convey to him that you really find him incredibly interesting. How it works? Very easily: discuss his stories, ask questions and empathize. And after the date, feel free to let him know that you had a great evening with him.
Online Dating Tip:Take a close look at his profile. This can also make it much easier to start a good conversation.

Step 5: address similarities

You are already during the conversation with your date the first similarities noticed? Perfect. Address them, share your own experiences and if possible, suggest doing them on your next date. Do you both have the same favorite movie? Make an appointment for a movie night!

Step 6: listen carefully and memorize details

Nothing signals real interest like good listening. So: listen carefully and take note of small details. In this way, you can still signal your interest after the date. Did he talk about an important meeting at work? Ask how it went. Will you see each other again? Go into details from the last date and show him that you are totally involved!

Step 7: flatter him

Most men love to talk about themselves - of course that plays into their cards when conquering them, because this is a wonderful way to incorporate a few compliments and flatteries here and there. It is important to note that men find it rather uncomfortable if you deal with your appearance. Therefore, it is better to go into its positive properties. Is he particularly funny, charming, brave? Tell him!

7 Helpful Tips: Here's What To Look For When Conquering A Man

1. Don't write after him who you want to win over this man.

Of course we don't mean the nice news after a nice date. But if he doesn't immediately respond to your message, Sit back and relax. Nothing is more daunting than when you start sending a few messages afterwards asking what is going on. You don't always have to be there when he answers.

2. Make him feel like he is conquering you.

You are guaranteed to awaken his “hunting instinct”. With subtle hints like “The new movie should be totally exciting, have you already seen it?” You give him the opportunity to invite you to the next date and slowly but surely conquer you.

3. Feel beautiful!

As already described, the tight dress and the layer of make-up are not required. However, it is always worth it Favorite outfit to get from the closet in the You find yourself beautiful. Add a natural make-up and nothing can go wrong. Because if you find yourself irresistible, you radiate that too.

4. Pay attention to your body language.

You can consciously use your body language to conquer a man. And also paying attention to his body language can help you win him over. Try it!

5. Find suitable topics to talk about.

If you want to conquer a man you shouldn't get him to know topics like ex-partners right at the beginning of the getting to know each other, previous relationships, or your family problems. On the other hand, topics such as work, travel or destinations are always well received, especially on the first date.

6. Conquer it with your irresistible smile!

Are you out with friends in the evening and discovered your dream man at the next table? Then a bright smile and eye contact are guaranteed to draw his attention to you and attract him like a magnet.

7. Kiss goodbye? Why not!

Have you already had a couple of great dates and you are radioactive? Then surprise him by taking the first step and give him the first kiss. After that he will be blown away!


The most important thing in conquering a man is and remains - stay with yourself! If you take this and some of the other tips to heart, your next date shouldn't be long in coming. If you feel that you have to pretend at the beginning of the getting to know each other, you should distance yourself from your counterpart. You should feel completely at ease at all times - this is how you look irresistible! We keep our fingers crossed for the next conquest!