What does visual impairment mean


About the visual impairment

A person is considered visually impaired if their visual performance is not within the normal range. If the visual performance is almost completely or completely lost, one speaks of Blind. If the visual performance is severely or very severely impaired, one speaks of severely visually impaired.

The causes of a visual impairment

The cause of a visual impairment can be different. Damage to the brain, the optic nerve or even the eye itself is possible.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the most common causes are uncorrected Ametropiawho did not operate Cataracts or the Glaucoma.

Other causes of problems with vision are age-related Macular degeneration and the Diabetic retinopathy.

65% of the visually impaired are 50 years or olderr and thus make up 20% of the total world population. However, even more people run the risk of developing a visual impairment due to a chronic eye disease or an age-related disorder.

What does it mean to be visually impaired?

Think about the daily things in life, housework or homework that are harder for you with a visual impairment. Communication by sight is difficult, you miss visual cues and you can no longer recognize the facial expressions or gestures of the other person. Visually impaired or blind people are less secure in their surroundings when moving or bump into unrecognized objects. Furthermore, visually impaired people have reading difficulties or cannot read at all.

Dealing with the visual impairment

Compared to other non-visually impaired people, visually impaired or blind people often use tricks to cope with everyday life. They rely heavily on their memory and other senses. It is noteworthy that people who have been visually impaired later in life have more difficulty than those with congenital low vision or acquired low vision at a young age.

The usage of Tools could be a good coping strategy and give people more confidence in themselves.

At Optelec, we are dedicated to everything that makes the difference! Our goal is to create awareness that aids are readily available for the visually impaired. With the right equipment, one can continue to do daily activities such as reading, writing, attending training courses or going to work, pursuing hobbies and maintaining contacts with friends and family.

Optelec offers a wide range of visual aids: Magnifying glasses, Screen readers, Devices with speech output, Braille display solutions and many more Productsthat can support you in your daily tasks with a visual impairment.