How do you save leftovers from dinner

Eating out after the feast: recipes for leftovers

When preparing the menu or the dishes for the festive season, it is sometimes difficult to plan in the right quantities for the often large number of guests; and some are plagued by the worry that there might be too little. So often all sorts are left over. Our tips will help avoid too many leftovers, and we have recipes that use leftovers as ingredients.

Important questions when planning

Who comes?
Children, women, men, seniors - everyone eats different amounts. When planning, stick to the average amount per person of around 800 grams of food.

What is there? Buffet or menu, finger food or stew?

  • Raw food lovers, vegetarians, meat fans? Think about the different preferences and do not plan too much meat. Even with a 2-course menu, 125 grams of meat per person is enough.
  • For a buffet with starters, meat / fish, side dishes, vegetables and dessert, 75 grams of meat and poultry plus 50 grams of fish per person are sufficient. A buffet is worth it from 12 people.
  • If you offer finger food, you can expect around 12-15 bites per person, depending on the size.
  • A stew or soup as a main course can be planned with 500 milliliters per person.
  • For fondue or raclette, one small bowl is sufficient for each dish or ingredient. Not every component has to be in stock down to the last pan.

Ideas for storing and recycling leftovers

  • Seal leftover ingredients, such as nuts or almonds, airtight when baking, store them in a cool, dry place and use them quickly.
  • Fresh herbs can be chopped and frozen in closed ice cube molds; so the amount is easy to dose.
  • When inviting your guests, ask them to bring a can - this is how you distribute the leftover goodies and at the same time keep track of things in your fridge.
  • Collect empty jars of jams and spreads. This gives you the right containers to give your guests any leftovers such as pickled vegetables, dips, pesto.
  • Plan a leftover meal the day after the party. Many menu components can be transformed into new tasty dishes the next day.
  • Side dishes such as potatoes, dumplings or noodles taste good fried in the pan or in a casserole with leftover vegetables and meat. Leftover chocolate Santa Clauses, chopped or melted, make good in cake batter. You can find more recipe ideas here.
  • Make sure you pack up leftover food quickly after the meal and put it in the fridge so that it doesn't spoil too quickly.
  • If you already know that you won't be able to finish the leftovers in the next few days, better freeze them right away. Then you can relax and consume the leftover delicacies over the next few weeks.