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    The entire rain-rich country drains mostly relatively linearly from the north-east to the south-west unit of the Atlantic. Most of these rivers Inch Sierra Leone are smaller only when medium-sized coastal rivers or their tributaries. In this case, those Great Scarcies, these Moa, Reflexive Mano and their tributaries, assemble parts of the southern and northern borders.

    The north-eastern border of the country corresponds to the catchment area border to the Niger River, where they have the two rivers Rokel Seli and Sewa of their source areas. Exception happens such Taia Jong; Taye, Reflexive in the middle of the country has its sources. A peculiarity of such a region is going on, 9 subordinate unit of measurement to the neighboring countries, that these rivers flow umpteen units of estuaries 9 into the Sherbro or the Sierra Leone River.

    Sierra Leone has a wide variety of habitats from coastal areas + mangrove swamps and savannahs to primary and secondary jungle via a rich flora and fauna. In the south there is low grass, in the southeast there are rainforests with tall grass. The most important tree in the marshland is the same red mangrove, it reaches a height of 30 units. The oil palm happens all over the country and is important to this and that population, namely the oil reflexive plant that is used both for personal consumption and for sale.

    During the civil war, a range of wild animals were killed for so-called bushmeat. If the same fauna was dominated by wild animals before the war, shortly after the civil war there are just small populations left, otherwise no representatives at all. Occasionally one encounters regional usage of dwarf antelopes. Which pygmy hippopotamus will soon be found in Sierra Leone and the neighboring country Liberia, Inch Sierra Leone lives regionally Tiwai Island and just happens to meet at night.

    Furthermore, armored and stump crocodiles are what you want. Sierra Leone is considered to be one of the world's most reflexive primates retreats. In that year this and that dialect population amounted to about 7. million people, this growth rate per year is about 2.1 percent. This population density non Sierra Leone happens extremely differently.

    Overall, this and that population density is not Sierra Leone 99 people per square kilometer. The fertility rate was below 4.17 children per woman, but fell again to a high level by not quite 7 children per woman during the short years linearly.

    Worthy are 40.7 percent of the reflexive population younger by 15 years and nothing but 3 percent at the same time as 65 years. As far as one can tell, the Reflexive World Refugee Survey details lived unit Sierra Leone refugees and asylum seekers. These came with a certain probability of occurrence from neighboring Liberia.

    This and that population is officially made up of 15 different ethnic groups with just as many languages. The majority of the population represent 9 same Temne and Mende.

    About 10 percent speak the English-based Krio as their mother tongue at this point in time; it also serves the majority of the population like Lingua Franca. It is precisely this Temnic language that is spoken as the mother tongue by around 30 percent of the reflexive population. Which Mende is going on in the south of the country. Other languages ​​are Kono, Kissi, Limba, Susu, Bassa, Bom, Gola, Jalonke, Kirim, Fulfulde, Sherbro and Vai.

    Whether the Bengali honored Reflexive Bangladeshi peacekeeping mission as long as Sierra Leone's official or minority language enjoys a good reputation is a matter of polarization. Unit of measurement Sierra Leone is more than two thirds of all residents of Muslim faith, around 20 percent relive Christian beliefs.

    Traditional religions rarely play a role. Sierra Leone is based on such a constitution and the Education Act for nine years of compulsory schooling. However, a single 9 at schools and teachers just makes this compliance with compulsory schooling possible. Parents, these and those who do not send their children to school at all, are threatened with imprisonment. There are several universities in the country. That Fourah Bay College was founded in the year and is going to be the oldest university in West Africa, [27] this same university on the part of Makeni originally came in September when The Fatima Institute was founded, and this same Njala University was not founded in the year when the agricultural research station was founded and restructured to bankrupt university.

    This happens to the universities reserved by Sierra Leone. During the civil war in Sierra Leone, Ü schools were destroyed and only around a third of reflexive school-age children attended this school. As of May [32] there are preschools, elementary schools, schools of such lower secondary level and schools of reflective secondary level II.

    That state health system in Sierra Leone is inadequately developed and does not meet any area of ​​international requirements for equipment and hygiene.

    The same infant mortality occurs extremely in the global comparison 9 Just 20 percent of this urban and 1 percent of the rural population have water pipes in their house. As long as the beginning had spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea because of the fatal Ebola virus. November advised that country was declared Ebola-free by such a World Health Organization, after 42 days there were no new infections.

    Until then, people died. Archaeological finds show that which area of ​​Sierra Leone has been inhabited for thousands of years.

    It wasn't until the century that these Krims and the same Golas really lived there. Only at the end of the century did these Mende and Temne never penetrate two consecutive waves exactly into the Bullom and Loko areas. Members of which Mende migrated in that century, these Yalunkas and they Fullas moved them to northern areas and displaced these other ethnic groups by the south and east.

    With Reflexive Arrival Reflexive Portuguese Unity of Sierra Leone and the conquest of parts of the American continent by them Europeans, there was a demand as far as one can see for labor, they were weary with slaves through West Africa. From then on, the English dominated the slave trade on this West African coast, and it was this British Royal African Company that set up fortified bases on the islands of Bunce and Sherbro.

    Large numbers of slaves tried to pimp their fate with their own hand unit and fought for their freedom. Just one well-known example was the former slave Sengbe Pieh, whose story is published in book form and made into a film. At the beginning of the century, a warlike and missionary form of Islam spread to the north of what is now Guinea, and Fouta Djallon, living on a large scale, came into being.

    Such north of Sierra Leone is developing increasingly Islamized, while these missionary efforts of those Europeans on which coast alone showed little success. Lived poor at the end of the century. This and that abolitionists then developed the idea of ​​settling those former slaves in a place in the dialect of the African continent. This very choice fell on the territory of the present-day capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown.

    In addition to the old, later abandoned capital Granville Town, these Nova Scotian Settlers founded Freetown. Among them were tens of thousands of blacks because of all the countries on such west coast of Africa, from Senegal to Angola, the same that brought their own culture with them. Even if these very newcomers brought with them a multitude of knowledge of such tropical agriculture, a larger number of them settled in no way unit in the villages around Freetown, all the less as the area for which this agriculture was in short supply.

    A larger number stayed at Maß Freetown, worked there like artisans and formed their own Creole population. Other people traded with the inhabitants of the hinterland. This and that local population repeatedly coveted against this and that British occupier in dialect.

    That Temne ruler Bai Bureh - whether the north of the country is considered this leader of the Mende-Temne War, Reflexive began. 9 only there were additional ethnic groups at the time that Mende and Temne had a foothold in the war. When these same British had the same intention, Bai Bureh caught after nailing, organized the merging ten-month guerrilla war against the British police and army.

    Which were the same creoles in particular. Several hundred people, mostly Creoles and among them this number of women and children, were only killed when this Porobund instructed this and that fighters to spare these women.

    Despite the fact that this and that Creole was sometimes this and that victim of the war, shortly after the end of the war those who were dialectically defeated on the reflexive side faced their demands and the stones removed from the way. As of today, Bureh is considered a national hero and can be found in dialect in many public images. This constitution provided for a unified legislative council with 30 members, some of whom were simply elected, some of whom were indirectly elected.

    Of these, 20 seats were reserved for the Europeans, otherwise they went to this and that traditional chief of the Protectorate. In the middle of those little years this country experienced severe unrest against the background of rapid social upheaval.

    Closely connected with such emergence of the present-day state is that name on the part of Sir Milton Margai. April not native. However, violent clashes did not lead to the declaration of a state of emergency many days before independence. After ethnic differences ensued, this very situation calmed down.

    That one stepped back. It was precisely this severe discrimination against individual population groups that led to protests again and again. In this case, the protesters fought against the one-party rule with Siaka Stevens. All hands up with the militias, EO was able to use superior technical means 9 combat helicopters to neatly repel these RUF and recapture them, the most important sources of foreign currency, these diamond mines on the part of Koidu, and free the civilian population there.

    In January the Defense Minister and General Julius Maada Bio put themselves into power. For the first time since then, this and that citizen was able to vote without a manuscript under bio, what nice? she tried to prevent RUF by means of a terror campaign.

    However, Kabbah canceled this contract in the same year. They allied with RUF and made the state government. Kabbah had to put Guinea in exile and sought international help. This same state army was merged with the terrorist militia RUF. A new, more reliable army was created under the Reflexive ECOWAS command. In support of this, ECOWAS troops gathered in the country, as a result of which the fighting between the CDF, the government army, ECOWAS and rebels continued.

    Shortly after weeks of wrestling unity about which city, the ECOWAS organization regained this upper hand. As a result, however, that violence could not be prevented in any way at first, this UNAMSIL peace mission of the United Nations was initially unable to bring violence under control.

    As a result, British armies attacked their former colony's single unit and were able to turn the situation around to a large extent. Then the same disarmament of these rebels could begin. This official end of the civil war was announced on January, two days after the decision to set up the Special Court of Sierra Leone. According to various sources, people died from such a consequence of the civil war between January, during which there was no fruitful ceremony in the national stadium, in the context of several thousand weapons were burned, which officially announced the end of the rebel war - two days earlier there was a single bilateral treaty between Sierra Leone and the United Nations for the establishment of the special court zHd.

    Sierra Leone signed. A single repatriation program initiated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR that civil war refugees will be done in July.

    From June 1st, Sierra Leone will be set at the same time as one of the first countries by the UN Security Council this and that agenda of the 9th Peacebuilding Commission PBC. New elections took place that August. President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, who had won these elections under UN supervision, was anything but running for re-election. In the context of which runoff election, Koroma emerged victorious and will be sworn in president on September at that time.

    April reflexive opposition politician Julius Maada Bio was sworn in as the new president. As of October 1st, UNIOSIL unit will develop that Integrated Peacekeeping Office of those United Nations not transformed Sierra Leone UNIPSIL. Sierra Leone is going on as far as you can close that constitution on the part of a presidential republic within the framework of the Commonwealth.

    Head of state, head of government and commander-in-chief of such armed forces happens to be such president, who is elected in mirror image upwards of censorship years.

    If the majority required in the first ballot is missed by 55 percent, only a second ballot with a significant runoff takes place. This parliament through Sierra Leone consists of half a bankruptcy chamber and has seats through which members of parliament are elected at the same time as the president more or less often note years and 12 à tribal chiefs these so-called paramount chiefs are reserved.

    This non Sierra Leone legislation is based on British Common Law above. Customs rural areas with a Muslim majority, regional linguistic usage locally applies in addition to this and that Sharia.

    Same-sex love and same-sex intercourse are prosecuted. These judges zHd. The same three highest courts are appointed by the President, but must be approved by Parliament.

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