You can have ice cream delivered to you

11 ice cream parlors that deliver your favorite ice cream straight to your home

Oh, there's nothing like creamy vanilla ice cream, refreshing sorbet and delicious spaghetti ice cream. Especially not when it finally gets warm outside and the sun tickles the pale tip of the nose. For everyone who likes to lick an ice cream on a walk or who like to take their favorite ice cream home with them from the ice cream parlor (or have it delivered to their home), we have 11 great ice cream parlors where you can simply take the ice cream home with you - at the After all, the couch or the balcony at home tastes good too (much better), yum!

© Daliah Hoffmann Eat delicious ice cream at Süßfein

The Sweet fine, a small ice cream shop on Brunnenstrasse, is one of our favorite addresses in Berlin. In summer we like to spend our lunch break here. Since May 2019 there has been a second branch on Rykestrasse in Prenzlauer Berg. At Sweet fine You can get your homemade ice cream made from the best ingredients, cakes and, outside of the hot summer months, also homemade vegan tree breadcrumbs. We especially like the chocolate sorbet, cheesecake ice cream and raspberry. Also in the range: Chocolate Cookie Dough, roasted coconut, currant yoghurt meringue, salted caramel and yoghurt ice cream.

© Milena Zwerenz Woop Woop Icecream with liquid nitrogen

Ordinary ice cream parlor is at Woop woop Not. The two guys behind are selling a small attraction with their nitrogen ice cream. They mix the fresh ingredients in front of your eyes with -196 degrees Celsius cold liquid nitrogen, and the delicious thing is ready!

© Daliah Hoffmann Eating exceptional ice cream at Rosa Canina Organic Icecream

Some of you know the delicious ice cream from Rosa Canina maybe from Markthalle Neun. Here the ice cream makers have a permanent stand that immediately catches the eye. There are two branches in Prenzlauer Berg, and the production kitchen is also located here. All ingredients are organic and the ice cream does not contain any additional flavorings. We were particularly impressed by the flavors vanilla with pumpkin seed oil, Moscow Mule and butter caramel with rock salt.

Tasty vegan ice cream at Mos Eisley

Directly on Herrfurthplatz near the Tempelhofer Feld Mos Eisley We have found his home and a refuge for our ice cream cravings: Here the ice cream is prepared fresh every day, with natural ingredients and of course with a lot of love and you can taste it too. In addition to the classics, you can also eat something more unusual here, such as cucumber & tonic, ricotta and fig, pine cone, beer sorbet or cheesecake. And the best thing is that the vegan fraction also gets their money's worth here, because almost half of the varieties are vegan.

© Daliah Hoffmann (Vegan) spaghetti ice cream and other delicacies in the Lecko Mio

The new ice cream parlorLeak millionon Graefestrasse is a dream in pastel and is somewhat reminiscent of Wes Anderson. Here, where Anna Durkes used to sell her gelato, Nadja has fulfilled her dream of having her own café. The homemade waffles include delicious varieties such as popcorn, green apple, berry sorbet or liquorice. The ice cream comes from her parents' factory. Our highlight: the vegan spaghetti ice cream and the sundae. The creation changes weekly. Also good and really tasty: espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

© Daliah Hoffmann Ice cream, cookies and homemade waffles at Jones Ice Cream

The ice cream biscuit creations by Jones nothing new - the baby blue food truck is regularly with the Bite Club and Street Food Thursday. Since 2017 there are varieties like "Salted Butter Caramel" and "Grapefruit & Earl Gray" now finally in the colorful Akazienkiez. In keeping with the cold season, Gabrielle and Jan now also offer creamy hot chocolate (attention: addictive!) And delicious waffles. They taste even better with cream, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar or a scoop of ice cream.

© Svenja Stamme Delicious ice cream and pretty eclairs at Canal Berlin in Mitte

Do you love ice cream and eclairs? ThenCanal Berlin the right contact point for you. In their little café in the Hackesche Höfe, Daniella and Lupe sell incredibly pretty and delicious homemade eclairs, and there is also ice cream in summer. Our favorite: The Crema Canal ice cream with butter caramel, pistachio and a squeeze of lemon. When it comes to eclairs, we find it difficult to choose a favorite and we prefer to use a box.

© Kerstin Musl Homemade ice cream and (vegan) spaghetti ice cream at Tanne B

This is a normal ice cream parlor in the best sense of the word: no crazy types, no tons of toppings, just very, very good ice cream in a large, but not overwhelming selection. When the weather is good, you stand in line for a while at any time of the day, but the wait staff are quick and the wait is really worth it. There is also really delicious vegan ice cream and even the classic sundae: Spaghetti ice cream (also vegan), yeah!

© Eisderix | Facebook Currant and cinnamon sorbet and peanut brownie ice cream at Eisderix in Rixdorf

The delicious ice cream from the Rixdorf ice cream parlor Eisderix is one of the favorites in the neighborhood. The small ice cream manufacturer from Neukölln makes its own ice cream, artificial flavors do not come into the ice cream here, but natural ingredients. There are thick pieces of dough in the peanut brownie ice cream, real nuts in the pecan maple syrup and the currant and cinnamon sorbet could become our new favorite. The ice cream is also available to take away and if you ask nicely and smile, you can also get sprinkles on top.

© Hella Wittenberg Homemade ice cream at Gimme Gelato in Charlottenburg

Ralf Sander has the pretty ice cream parlor near the Charlottenburg Palace GimmeGelato opened. The café is large and bright, the service friendly and the ice cream creations delicious. in the Gimme gelato In addition to ice cream scoops, you can also get ice lollies in a wide variety of flavors, shapes and colors. Curious ice cream lovers can watch the ice cream makers at work in the glass factory. In the ice cream parlor, young and old and vegans will be satisfied and happy - the pistachio ice cream is awesome! And do you know what else is awesome? You can also have the ice cream delivered to you!

© Wiebke Jann Licking fantastic, Italian (vegan) ice cream

If there is one thing that we love about vacationing in Italy, then it's the spatula and that's why we're so happy that there are a few ice cream parlors in Berlin that defy the ice cream scoops and put the creamy ice cream on the waffle, like Duo Sicilian Ice Cream in Kreuzberg. The ice cream here is wonderfully creamy, not too sweet and even the vegan ice cream is almost too creamy to be true. You can choose from different sizes, where S is one type and M is two types. Our favorite varieties are dark chocolate and hazelnut.