What are career counselors

Personal career advice

Career counseling supports you in your choice of study and career, during your training and at the beginning of your working life. In a personal consultation you can clarify important questions about your professional future.

Current information on availability

Due to the corona pandemic, we are predominantly on-line and by phone available for you.
There are still restrictions for a personal consultation in the agency, which differ locally.
However, you always have the option of working with a career counselor telephone consultation respectively.

In urgent cases, we are also there for you personally.

You can request your appointment for a consultation by phone or using the contact form:

0800 4 555500 (Toll-free)

Get help with career counseling

Pupils, trainees, students and university graduates can seek advice. In addition, everyone who is aiming for vocational training for the first time or wants to reorient themselves professionally.

For example, career counseling can help you with this

  • to find a suitable job or study,
  • To clarify questions about the content of an apprenticeship or degree,
  • to find an apprenticeship position and to apply,
  • To develop alternatives if the desired job does not work out,
  • To use funding opportunities,
  • Receive information on the training or labor market.

You can find out more about what career counseling can do for you in the information sheet on career counseling for adolescents and young adults.

How to make an appointment

You can inquire about an appointment personally at your employment agency, by phone or using the contact form:

0800 4 555500 (toll free)

Request a consultation

You will then receive the invitation to the consultation by post.

Tip: The career counseling service also holds consultation hours at schools. Check with your school's secretariat to find out when your career advisor will be back at your school.

Tips for a successful consultation

The more thoroughly you prepare for the appointment, the better your career advisor can help you.

Before the interview, think about which ones Interests andStrengthen you have. It is best to work through Check-U beforehand - the exploration tool and take your list of results with you to the appointment.

Also yours favorite subjects at school say something about your talents. Bring a copy of your most recent testimonial and write it down Internships or Vacation jobs du did.

If you don't have a plan yet, think about which one Wishes and expectations you have about your future job.

Good to know: You can use this test to check how far you have come in choosing a career: www.meine-berufswahl.org. You can talk to your career advisor about the results.

More offers:

For most schools, career counseling runs one Career choice lessonswith the entire school class. Classes take place either in the career information center (BiZ) or at your school instead of. Your career advisor will inform your class, for example, about secondary schools, training and study programs or funding opportunities. Prepare yourself just as well for the career choice class as you would for a personal consultation.

Tip: You can also visit BiZ alone or with your parents. Use this opportunity to inform yourself comprehensively and without time pressure.

Your parents can help you find the right educational path for you. Both Parents evenings At career counseling, your parents can find out how they can best support you. There you can find information about, for example Educational pathways, the Training market and theMedia of the Federal Employment Agency. Talk to your parents about it and go to a parents' evening with them.

You can search for parents' evenings in your area in the event database. For some events you have to register.

Find events

The career counseling leads Job fairs, Lecture series, professional afternoons and other Events for groups through (workshops, seminars). Companies, chambers, associations, universities and other experts often take part. At these events, for example, you can find out about opportunities in certain industries and occupational fields. Opportunities in individual professions and tips on how to apply are also frequent topics.

Most of these events take place in the BiZ. For some you have to sign up.

Find events

You have got help from career counseling: