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Apontis Pharma is going public

Monheim. The medium-sized drug manufacturer Apontis Pharma from Monheim plans to go public in the course of the second quarter.

As the company announced on Wednesday, the planned issue volume is “well over 100 million euros”. The offer is aimed at both private and institutional investors.

Aiming for issue proceeds of around 40 million euros

The placement on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange consists of new shares, shares in the Paragon fund company and a "usual over-allotment option". The company is aiming for issue proceeds of around 40 million euros, "which will be used to finance the further growth strategy".

A date for the start of the bookbuilding process has not yet been announced. Neither is the planned price range or how many shares should ultimately change into the free float.

Apontis goes back to UCB division

Apontis goes back to the former "Internal Medicine" business unit of the German UCB. In 2018 the holding company Paragon took over the division, which was renamed "Apontis" the following year. With preparations against COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, the company earned 39.2 million euros last year; 48.5 million euros are expected for 2021.

Apontis claims special skills in the development of so-called "single pills", tablets with several different active ingredients. In 2020, around 174,000 patients would have received such combination tablets, "which corresponds to an increase of 72 percent compared to the previous year," according to the announcement. (cw)