How did Kabuto die


This chapter begins with Kabuto, who is facing the two Uchiha brothers, and says to Sasuke that the victory over Itachi triggered something in him, but what he wants to expect from a dead person. Sasuke simply replies with "The Truth". Kabuto tells Sasuke that he understands his behavior and knows why he is joining Akatsuki instead of going back to Konoha. Because the village of Itachi has suffered.

Kabuto asks Sasuke if he doesn't want to switch sides. Kabuto wants Orochimaru's work of a lost Konoha to become reality. Itachi has always been a liar, so it would only be wise to switch sides while Sasuke can, says Kabuto. Then there is a little flashback. Sasuke and Tobi are sitting at a bar and hear some Konoha Shinobi talking about Itachi and her death. You mean Itachi was just a criminal and he got what he deserved. But when one of the shinobi said that he would have liked to kill Itachi himself and asked himself how much Itachi's death would be worth, Sasuke was furious. He turned around hastily, but Tobi held him back and said that they were ignorant. But Sasuke wanted to burn the truth into them. Then the picture returns to the scene where Sasuke says that he is not like Kabuto. He will destroy Konoha in his own way.

Kabuto begins to tell his life story. How he was found by a Konoha Shinobi as a child and turned into Spoin and thereby increasingly isolated himself from his friends. Kabuto asks Sasuke to accompany him, because he has also suffered and knows what it is like to know suffering and loneliness. But Itachi interrupts Kabuto and tells Sasuke not to listen to him. Kabuto is a better liar than Itachi himself. Itachi admits that the village also has shadows, but even then he remains Uchiha Itachi from Konoha! The way Sasuke is now, Itachi is to blame and he shouldn't criticize him, says Itachi.

But when the fight is over, he wants to talk to Sasuke. Kabuto says that he is armed against anything, but Itachi replies that he does not know the true strength of the Uchiha. A jutsu that changes reality. Whereupon Sasuke the Izanagi comes back to mind. But Itachi means another jutsu. Another Kin-Jutsu of the Uchiha clan. The counterpart to Izanagi. Izanami! Itachi tells Sasuke that he should stay close to him from now on.