Which band sang the song Electric Tears

Tears for Fears - Mad World

Year: 1982
Length: 3:29
Album: The hurting
Label: Mercury

"Mad World" byTears for Fearsfrom 1982 was replaced byRoland OrzabalWritten at the age of 19 and by the bassistCurt Smithsung. He tried to work through his childhood in the text. His father was a victim of torture during World War II and took his frustration out on his wife. BoyRoland OrzabalSuffered so much from his father that he left school early. During this time he tried to record an acoustic version of "Mad World", but found it terrible. So decidedTears for Fearslater for a danceable version. The video was made for the shrill dance ofRoland Orzabalknown in the background of the recording. The song reflects a depression. Weltschmerz becomes suicidal:

And I find it kind of funny

I find it kind of sad

The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

(I find it kind of weird

and I find it kind of sad though

the dreams that I die in are always my best)

"Mad World" was the group's first number 1 hitTears for Fears. "Mad World" is now being used more frequently on the radio in the version ofMichael AndrewsandGary Julesplayed. This version is more timeless, calmer and a bit sadder than the original, and probably does justice to the text. The video forGary Julesby the way comes fromMichel Gondry, the dance performance is very worth seeing and has onYouTube over 100 million views. In the meantime, the song has become the standard repertoire of casting shows, so YouTube is flooded with various cover versions.

>> Here you can see a legendary version: Gary Jules and Curt Smith from Tears for Fears sing "Mad World" together