Why is modern business dynamism in nature

Business process outsourcing

Meet modern business dynamics with business process outsourcing

Radical industry upheavals and changing markets are forcing companies to rethink. A modern economy based on the division of labor should help to save costs and at the same time activate growth and innovation. Business process outsourcing, or BPO for short, is moving into focus as a solution approach.

With classic BPO, business processes such as front and back office activities are outsourced to an external service provider. BPO enables concentration on core competencies as well as cost savings. The development of new business areas through cooperation with a process service provider (vendor) can also be a background for BPO.

Know what BPO is all about

In the conception of a BPO, it is important to achieve business-strategic advantages beyond cost efficiency so that the service relationship is successful in the long term. When implementing BPO projects, the interaction between retained organization, process interfaces and employees must be ensured. A partnership approach is crucial in managing the service relationship.

And because BPO is not a one-off decision to outsource, but rather a continuum that must be constantly adapted to changing market conditions, BPO services must be continuously optimized and supplemented with new technologies.

Long-term successful BPO

Microfin supports you in business process outsourcing so that your services remain attractive in the long term in the increasingly digital world and the costs do not get out of hand

  • Conception and implementation of sustainable operational models based on the division of labor
  • BPO readiness assessments
  • Selection of process-supporting applications and tendering of the application operation
  • Execution of tenders for companies under public law according to the guidelines for EU publications
  • Reorganization and reorganization of business processes and organizational units as part of transformation programs
  • Standardization of the service offer and the business processes for the provision of services by vendors
  • Coaching and optimization of vendor management and purchasing
  • as well as with sample documents that you can adapt to your needs

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