Is Erlang functional

Architecture explanation

Cordaware bestinformed is based on a client-server architecture. In addition to this basic structure, the software offers a modern web interface for management and administration. Combined with a simple and fast document-based database, this includes the architecture of Cordaware bestinformed.


The server component, the so-called info server, is the core of bestinformed. The Infoserver is based on the "Erlang" programming language and runs within a virtual Erlang machine in order to guarantee maximum security and reliability.

In addition, the Infoserver offers a fully functional web server, which can be used immediately after installation.

Thanks to the completely new structure of the Infoserver, the performance of the entire system could be increased enormously.

The structure was converted to a server grid model with replicating nodes. This leads to a measurably faster distribution of the information in very large environments.

A redundant server architecture enables a failover mechanism.

If a node and the clients connected to it lose the connection, they automatically switch to another node / server. At least two nodes are required to create a failover system. If a node loses the connection, it can still send messages autonomously. When the node is reconnected, the databases are automatically synchronized so that they are redundant on each server.


Another component of Cordaware bestinformed is the Infoclient, which receives the real-time information and displays it on the respective device. This client receives the information from the Infoserver and sends feedback to it. In addition to the client's feedback on an info, they also send their own system values ​​to the info server. These values ​​can then be used, for example, to select recipients or via additional filters for targeted addressing.

Web administration

Cordaware bestinformed is administered, configured and managed via a modern web interface. The web interface is a JavaScript-based framework and can be called up in any browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. The big advantage is that the web interface can be called up via any device that supports JavaScript without having to make any further installations or settings.


All data for the Infoserver is saved in a database and made accessible there. A fully configured and functional document-based database is already included in the installation of Cordaware bestinformed. The database is specially designed to manage and process a very large amount of data and information in a very short time.



All data is processed in real time by the Infoserver and is then immediately available for all other components (e.g. Infoclients, Mobile Clients, etc.).