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Josefine Lietzau
Expert for banking and credit as of June 24, 2020

Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau is an editor in the Bank & Investments team. During her studies in German and English, she worked for the editorial offices of the Green League, the Jüdische Zeitung and the Superillu. After completing her master's degree, Josefine Lietzau completed an internship at the online consumer portals Banktip and Posttip, where she then worked as an editor.

  • If something is wrongly debited from your current account with a direct debit, you can book the money back for eight weeks.
  • If you make a mistake with a transfer, your cards tend to be bad.
  • You can always complain about incorrect credit card transactions.
  • If the current account is not covered when you pay with the Girocard, fees will apply.
  • If you notice an incorrect direct debit, you can either book it back directly via online banking or contact your bank.
  • If the transfer is wrong, you have to instruct the bank to get the money back.
  • You do not complain about incorrect transactions on the credit card bill to the card company, but to the card-issuing bank.

Online shopping, travel booking, weekly shopping: you have to rely on your bank for many things in everyday life. However, banking transactions do not always run smoothly: direct debits are debited twice or unexpected transactions appear on the credit card bill. You and your bank can straighten out some things - but sometimes that also costs money.

How can I book a direct debit back?

If something goes wrong with a direct debit, you can get the money back - for example if the amount has been debited twice or the amount is too high. You have after the withdrawal eight weeks to reclaim the money. You have more time if there was no mandate - and therefore no permission - for the direct debit: Then it's 13 months.

You can get the money directly Book back via your online banking access, for example with the "Return direct debit" function. The corresponding option is often displayed next to the direct debit data in the transaction list of the current account. If you do not have online banking access, contact your bank in writing and inform them of the date of the direct debit, the amount and the person or company making the debit.

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Can I get back transfers?

A twister of numbers in the account number or a zero too many in the amount: Even with transfers, things don't always go as desired. But what works with direct debits doesn't work with transfers. You can do this in the Usually don't just bring it back.

However, such errors are less common today than they used to be: if you type in the wrong IBAN number while banking, for example, the wrong number may not be assigned to an account. You receive an error message and cannot approve the transfer at all. It is similar if you make such a mistake on the transfer form and the transfer is then scanned electronically. In this case, too, the bank does not transfer the money.

If, on the other hand, you have accidentally entered a valid IBAN number, you should contact your bank immediately. She may still be able to stop the transfer. The best thing to do is call them. With paper transfers, the chances are better than with online banking. But you don't have much time in any of the cases.

If the money has already been credited to another account, Is it late. The bank then no longer has access to the amount. But you can request a transfer back. Your bank will then contact the other bank, and the wrong recipient's bank will contact their customer. However, there is no guarantee that this will work. Your bank does not have to reimburse you for the money.

The banks are also allowed to charge fees for the return service. If only a small amount has gone to the wrong recipient, the effort is probably not worth it.

Fees for the return service of bank transfers

Norisbank10 Euro
Comdirect14.90 euros
Commerzbank25 euros
Berliner Volksbank15-20 euros
Postbank7.50 - 21 euros
Targobank20 Euros
Deutsche Bank14.99 euros
Sparda banks in Baden-Wuerttemberg15 euro
Santander13 euros
Hamburger Sparkasse

10 euros + expenses (+ 2.50 euros if successful)

Source: Information provided by the provider (as of June 7, 2020)

From a legal point of view, the recipient has to return the money, as he is enriched without legal reason (§ 812 BGB). For example, if the recipient pays off his debts with the wrongly transferred money, he has to return the money to you, even if he no longer has it.

There are exceptions, however: the recipient can go on a trip with the money and argue that they would not have done so without the unexpected rain of money. Then he may no longer have to repay the money (Section 818 (3) BGB).

How can I complain about credit card transactions?

Check your credit card statements regularly. If you notice a charge that you cannot explain, you complain to the bank. This could be an accidental double charge or attempted fraud. If the retailer does not send goods that have already been paid for, you can also complain about the card payment.

To make a complaint, please contact the card-issuing bank, not the Mastercard or Visa card company. These have nothing to do with the process. With American Express credit cards, you contact the company directly because it issues the credit cards itself. You must report the incorrect booking immediately.

Banks and card providers usually make complaint forms available for download on their websites. Whether complaints have to be free of charge, has not yet been clarified. A ruling by the Cologne Regional Court actually provided for this (ruling of August 16, 2000, Az. 26 O 30/00); Since then, however, there have been legal changes and a new judgment is missing.

Fees for complaining about credit card bookings


Postbank (charges a fee if

Customer wrongly complained)

10 Euro
Berliner Volksbankno
Deutsche Bankno
Sparda banks in Baden-Wuerttembergno
Hamburger Sparkasseno

Source: Information provided by the provider (as of June 2020)

What happens if there is insufficient funds in my account?

Problems can also arise when paying with the Girocard (formerly: EC card). Because if you confirm the payment in the supermarket with your signature instead of the PIN, it is not guaranteed that that there is enough money in your account. The merchants do not check the account balance with the electronic direct debit procedure (ELV).

What doesn't seem to be a problem at first, can develop into one later: The bank will probably refuse to redeem the direct debit if the account is not covered. Then the dealer doesn't get any money.

Some retailers therefore used the online direct debit procedure (OLV). The card data is compared with a blacklist. In the, for example, open direct debit schemes are listed.

The following overview shows which dealers use the procedure with signature or with the PIN.

Payment methods in retail

CompaniesELV or PIN
Rossmannboth (OLV instead of ELV), by chance
pennypin code

ELV only at

technical malfunctions

netELV / OLV / PIN
Aldi southpin code
Aldi northpin code
Kauflandpin code
Lidlpin code

Source: Company information (as of March 2020)

Some merchants make a second attempt after unsuccessful debiting. In addition to the purchase amount, the customers then also bear the costs for the return debit. However, it can happen that additional costs arise, for example if a retailer first had to find the address of the customer.

But that's not all: dealers are also pulling Debt collection company added if they fail to collect money. It depends on the company whether this happens after the first failed attempt or later. The debt collection company incurs additional costs.

Therefore, you should make sure that there is enough money in your account when shopping. If you are more often and longer in the overdraft facility, you should think about how you can balance the account again - for example, by rescheduling the overdraft facility.

Find the cheapest current account with our calculator

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a free checking account. Because the banks react to the low interest rate by Introduce or increase account management fees. The prices are also rising for other services, for example for the girocard (formerly: EC card), paper transfers or account movements.

But there are still banks that offer free checking accounts. There is no monthly account management fee for these offers, but the banks still charge fees for individual services. With good free account providers, these are Additional fees relatively low. You can find a suitable checking account using the Finanztip checking account calculator:

The Finanztip checking account calculator is based on data from banks provided by the service provider FinanceAds GmbH & Co. KG, Nuremberg (data protection information). We have filtered these with our parameters so that only banks available nationwide are displayed that offer a consumer-friendly current account according to the Finanztip criteria. The selection of banks with current accounts does not lay claim to a complete overview of the market. You can find the participating banks at the end of this article. We do not assume any liability for the correctness and topicality of the information provided here. We accept no liability for damage resulting from incorrect data or from using the computer.

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Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau

Josefine Lietzau is an editor in the Bank & Investments team. During her studies in German and English, she worked for the editorial offices of the Green League, the Jüdische Zeitung and the Superillu. After completing her master's degree, Josefine Lietzau completed an internship at the online consumer portals Banktip and Posttip, where she then worked as an editor.

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