How do i ride a penis

Sex tipsThe equestrian position: All variants and questions about the popular sex position!

In this position, the woman sits on top and rides her partner - it is also known as the cowgirl position. For some, it is an absolute classic in bed, for others it is still uncharted territory.

What makes the riding position so attractive and Which tips and tricks you and your partner are guaranteed to have an orgasm withyou read here.


Equestrian position: This is the popular position!

The riding position is a classic among sex positions and is quickly explained:She sits on top, he lies down. There are some variations that make this position even more exciting and intensify the feeling during sex even more.

The woman can hug her knees next to his torso. This position has the advantage that it can influence at what angle the penis enters them.

If the woman bends forward, it "ergonomically" slides into her. In addition, she can support herself well with one hand on his chest or next to his upper body, with the other hand she can satisfy herself well.


Variants of the equestrian position: These techniques and movements exist!

One possibility is for the woman to straighten up and push her pelvis back a little, so the penis position becomes more vertical and it becomes put more pressure on his penis and clitoris. This is a very intense feeling, but it can also be felt as very violent.

Another variant is possible, for example, if she pulls her knees up to her above him. So sit properly in a crouch on him, but still keep your feet to the left and right of him.

This may take some getting used to at first. For him, however, an intense experience because the penis angle is steep here and the position underlines a certain dominance of the woman. Some people like it! In addition, with this variant he can take her under the bottom wonderfully and support her with his strength in her movements. The woman's G-spot is ideally stimulated - a pleasure for both partners! It gets even better if he or she stimulates the clitoris with a massage stick.

If the riding position becomes too strenuous, because the woman's action is required above all, she can bend forward and lie on him and then stretch her legs backwards. So she can still let her pelvis rotate a little on it. Tip:Some women can have a great orgasm if they press their knees together a little.

But sometimes the penis also slips out. There are worse things. If you want a change of position, you can start from the rider position to the role. Either on its side or with enough momentum to land on top. And something completely different is already possible.

Variant 4: The "reverse cowgirl"! A position for all butt lovers. The woman also sits astride the man, but with her back turned to him. The angle can also be changed variably here. He has a wonderful view of her bottom she can stimulate her erogenous zones, but she also likes to play on his testicles, which she can now easily reach with her hands.

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In the riding position, women get their money's worth

In the equestrian position, the woman sets the pace and the man can be excited to see how she will move. Sounds exciting. But this unsettles some women. Especially when they miss the partner's unequivocal reactions, whether they like the whole thing.

As is so often the case, some women cannot relax because they pay more attention to whether they like it. Instead of making sure that you get your money's worth yourself. Stop it!

If she moves in a way that is good for her, then the man will enjoy it too.Because men react very strongly to visual stimuli. And the male part in the equestrian position has the chance to see her breasts teeter and touch her body everywhere, to accompany and support every up and down of her body with his hands and to see his penis slide into her. She can set the rhythm that she likes and with which she comes to orgasm.

Whether the stomach is flat or not is at least a minor matter for the man. In the equestrian position, both should be able to let go. If necessary with the light off, if that contributes to relaxation. Just be selfish during sex. In no case does the man go away empty-handed if he follows the pleasure of his partner.

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