Can the white privilege ever be quantified?

Trapped in society - everyday racism in Germany: Thinking and acting critical of racism in psychology

Dileta Fernandes Sequeira



Dileta Fernandes Sequeira

Caught in the

Society -

Everyday racism

in Germany

Thinking critical of racism

and acting in psychology


Dileta Fernandes Sequeira

Trapped in society - everyday racism in Germany.

Thinking and acting critical of racism in psychology

Tectum Verlag Marburg, 2015

ISBN 978-3-8288-6317-0

(This title is also available as a printed book under

the ISBN 978-3-8288-3537-5 published by Tectum Verlag.)

All parts of the work are protected by copyright.

Editing: Christina Kruschwitz, Sabine Manke

Additional corrections: Sabine Borhau

Cover image: Photograph by Wikimedia user »Bogdangiusca«, (CC-by-SA 3.0); Illustrations inside by Ursula Ermer

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“The raging river is called violent. But the river bed

that restricts it, nobody calls it violent. "

Bertolt Brecht, Book of Turns


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Part I: Racism as a blind spot in society - an overview

A. A psychosocial understanding

1. Racism and human dignity

2. The traumatizing overall environment

3. "Incarnation": colonial-postcolonial-global

4. Racism and Xenophobia

5. Racism and marginalization

6. The world as a white construct

7. Racism and Psychology

8. The New Incarnation: »Rehumanization«

B. theses, concepts, empirical access - an exaggeration

C. The overall environment

1. The plane world

2. The relationship level

3. The person level

4. The bio-psycho-socio-eco-environment

5. Perception at all levels

Part II: World, Relationships and Person in the Field of Racism - Insights

A. Insights into the plain world

1. Introduction

2. Global racism

2.1 Pre-colonial history, colonialism and post-colonialism

2.2 Examples of globalized forms of racism

2.3 Summary - Racism as a global construct

3. Racism as a German phenomenon

3.1 Racism and structural violence

3.2 Racism in everyday social life

4. Racism and white socialization

5. Migration, Culture and Racism

5.1 Migration

5.2 Culture

6.Sofia: Migration and everyday racism

B. Insights into the relationship level

1. Introduction

2. Social cohesion at the relationship level

2.1 Society as a place of social cohesion

2.2 Social cohesion and migration background

2.3 Racism and Social Cohesion

3. Difference and racism in peer groups

4. Doublebind

5. Othering

6. Othering as a double bind

7. Racism and double bind

8. Racism in encounters

9 Example Daniel and Adoma - Part 1

C. Insights into the person plane

1. Introduction

2. Social cohesion at the person level

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Social cohesion and the family

2.3 Social cohesion and caregivers

3. Self-regulation at the person level

3.1 Building blocks of self-regulation

3.2 How does self-regulation suffer?

3.3 Consequences of a lack of self-regulation

4. Experiences of racism and the person level

5. Trauma