What is the most selective undergraduate university

Quarrel of the week: Does university make you stupid?

Personally, I have the feeling that I am stupid at university and in my degree program.

And in my opinion that is not due to the bachelor's or master's degree, but to the implementation of the course:

1) Far too many students for too few professors.

2) Faculty and students supported by the

Conditions at the universities are annoying

- meanwhile the courses

raffled here at the university

- 160 students apply for 40 places

- In the meantime you will- if you are

decides further events apart

of the minimum course to choose as

Looked at parasites, the other one

Takes away seminar space.

So it's no longer about mediation

of knowledge, but of the exhibition of

Seem to be.

- Pointless fooling around with facts, it won't be worth anything

placed more on contexts ("spiritual

Bulemia ")

- thematically very limited possibilities

the choice of seminar

- Lecturers from Latin America are absolute

it is fascinating that the university is no better here

than the one in their home country

- Example: In the event of illness during an examination

You are not allowed to attend the even with a certificate

Participate in the repeat exam (finally

it is not a rewriting date - statement of the

Examination office)

- false information, nobody has any idea about the

Formalities of the study

- Rooms without windows, without fresh air, in

Rooms intended for 40 students,

another 20 sit on the floor

- Mostly only reference stock of books, books

should only be purchased once, the

in turn stand in a seminar library,

but only those concerned

Specialized students have access. (wants to

a Romanist compares one another

Spanish and a German speaking author

pull, he does not get to the relevant

Literature in German studies ran)

The list of grievances could be expanded at will.

In my opinion, the financing is not the biggest problem, at least in NRW: Socially disadvantaged students are supported by the BAFÖG and an educational loan that is offset against the BAFÖG.

But if you are spending so much money on studying, a slightly higher quality would be very desirable. After all, at some point you should survive on the job market and partially repay the BAföG.