Sleeping helps regain brain cells

Oxywatt for health and wellbeing

Damaged skin cells, sagging, age spots, wrinkles - we can all improve if the oxygen-rich blood circulation is improved and the blood is transported to the mostly peripheral parts of our body. In addition, the collagen and elastin production are increased, the metabolism is improved, which is our ally in the fight against unwanted calories. Our sleep becomes calmer and deeper, which allows the brain cells to rest by switching to idle.

Oxygen is used in a wide range of health problems: in the event of a stroke, intestinal disorders, stress healing, detoxification of the organism and improvement of wellbeing. The element is also used to accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries. A therapeutic dose of oxygen helps get rid of various skin infections, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff, because oxygen is an anti-inflammatory agent.

One can ask the question, why don't we just breathe with the oxygen when it is so good? Man is suitable for breathing with a gas mixture. The nitrogen and oxygen make up 99% of the mixture and eight elements make up the remaining 1%.

Life under constant stress, illness, intoxicants, air pollution as a result of the action of heavy metals, the greenhouse effect are factors that disrupt this structure and are detrimental to oxygen. Because of poor quality air, we become irritable and apathetic, and we are more quickly affected by various diseases. Blood with oxygen saturation helps combat undesirable symptoms of illness, in order to exchange irritation and displeasure for a smile and pleasure.

So let's care what we breathe.




The higher you are, the thinner the air becomes. Regardless of the fact that the oxygen density remains the same - 21%, the amount of oxygen molecules becomes smaller and smaller with each breath. Precisely for this reason, at higher altitudes, you feel accelerated breathing, nausea, headaches, breathing disorders, sleep disorders, apathy or fatigue. Even 40% of people who stay at high altitudes experience these symptoms. For this reason, the National Health Service (UK), EB MD, and eMedicineHealth, like other sources, recommend oxygen supplementation as one of the ways to combat symptoms of air dilution. The percentage of oxygen depending on the altitude:

The weather conditions also influence the oxygen content in the air. In the heat as well as in the case of low air pressure, the air thins and supplies the organism with less oxygen. For this very reason, many people feel uncomfortable when the air pressure is low.


Aromatherapy combines science with art and beauty through the use of natural herbal essences to regain balance and harmony. In this way one can improve the condition of the body, mind and spirit. OXYwatt is available in one of two fragrances that are used in aromatherapy: the pink grapefruit fragrance and the refreshing mint fragrance.