Who is the founder of the iPhone

Steve Jobs was the man in the turtleneck - and the entrepreneur who made Apple world famous. The career and life of the former CEO.

  • Steve Jobs founded Apple in the year 1976 along with Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in his parents' garage.
  • The Entrepreneur was long for that Project Macintosh responsible and posed 2007 the first iPhone in front.
  • Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011 in the aftermath of its many years Cancer with his family.

Palo Alto - Steve Jobs (56, † 2011) is considered to be revolutionary the technology industry. The Apple founder made Apple a cult company, rolled up the mobile phone market with the iPhone completely and created with the iPad a completely new type of media: the tablet. But let's start at the beginning: It was founded today most valuable company in the world in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne - in the garage of Jobs ‘parents in Palo Alto, California. The first and at the time only product that was Apple Computer Company marketed was that Apple I., a personal computer (PC) developed by Wozniak.

Steve Jobs: The return to Apple and Macintosh

That Steve Jobs He would never have thought that he would turn his back on his own company because of a good friend of all things. In 1983 the entrepreneur recruited the marketing guru John Sculley of Pepsi from. An internal power struggle quickly followed, which ended with Jobs leaving Apple and joining NeXT started his own company. In 1996 Jobs sold NeXT Apple and thus provided the technology company with the technology that forms the basis of the operating system Mac OS X the Macintosh computer has been.

As Interim CEO Jobs completely turned the company inside out, in 1998 he ran the iMac one and could Apple lead back into the black. As Member of the Board became after the layoff of Jobs Gil Amelio CEO of the company.

Steve Jobs and his second big hit: Pixar

Next to his company NeXT co-founded Steve Jobs Edwin Catmull in 1986 the computer animation studio Pixar Incthat with productions like "Toy story„, „Find Nemo"Or"The unbelievable“Was able to record great successes. As Disney which Pixar Inc. took over in 2006, Jobs became thanks to his Pixar share from around 50.1 percent to 6 percent as of largest single shareholder from Disney.

Steve Jobs: Presentation of the iPhone will not be forgotten

As Steve Jobs 2007 the stage of the Macworld in San Francisco entered, he should revolutionize the technology in a presentation. Casual and cool - as always in Turtleneck sweater - asked the Apple co-founder the first iPhone before: “We call it: iPhone. Today Apple will reinvent the phone. ”That was the era of Smartphones - and the idea of ​​what they must look like and what they must be able to do - decided.

"One More Thing": Steve Jobs and his running gag

Both Keynotes of Apple has been Steve Jobs and his famous "One more thing“(Eng.“ One more thing ”) over the years to a running gag. Because whenever the audience thought it was Apple CEO would have said everything - and he was already moving away from the stage, he pulled an ace out of his sleeve. Thanks to the now legendary phrase "One More Thing", the keynotes were quickly no longer keynotes, but rather "Stevenote" called.

Steve Jobs: His personal life

Steve Jobs was given up for adoption by his biological parents as a social orphan after his birth on February 24, 1955 and grew up with Paul Reinhold and Clara Jobs in Mountain View, California. Jobs did not find out about his biological parents and biological sister until he was around 20 years old. Steve Jobs graduated from high school in 1972 Homestead High School in Cupertino and wanted on Reed College study in Portland. The Education however, he dropped out after the first semester.

In the year 2004 Steve Jobs underwent one surgery, at the one Islet cell tumor was removed. Before that, he had the procedure refused for months and resorted to alternative treatment attempts. In January 2009 the Apple CEO finally, due to illness, by the end of June 2009 from the Day-to-day business to withdraw from Apple. In the course of this, it became known that Jobs was already joining a Liver transplant had undergone. At the October 5, 2011 Jobs died in the company of his family from the consequences of many years Cancer. He was buried in the cemetery Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Santa Clara, California.