Why did Lance Armstrong never test positive

Armstrong tested positive four times in 1999

Neither the UCI nor the French Ministry of Sport evaluated the violations against the anti-doping guidelines. Because at the time, taking corticosteroids was allowed under certain conditions.

As the UCI announced in a statement on its website, small traces of triamcinolone were detected in the Texan's blood on July 4th, 14th, 15th and 21st. The other eleven tests did not produce a positive result, and no other substances were found either. Therefore it was not a question of a systematic use of the corticosteroid.

So far there had been talk of a positive sample. The Texan had explained this with an ointment to treat pain when sitting on the saddle. For this, Armstrong had issued the controversial physician Luis Del Moral a certificate.

However, some samples were re-analyzed in 2005. With the refined methods, EPO was also detected in Armstrong's samples. However, the follow-up analyzes were not considered evidence of a doping offense by Armstrong.

Armstrong has always vehemently denied doping throughout his career and also afterwards and also fought against his critics legally. In January 2013, however, he publicly admitted doping. All seven Tour victories and other successes during the period in question were canceled.