How did you get into photography?

How did you get into photography?


17th January 2016

I am often asked this question.

It started with the fact that I am an absolute media junkie and have been for as long as I can remember. Some might think now: what does this have to do with photography? Well, if you look at enough commercials, series, films, etc., you learn a lot about image structure, how to create tension or what people want to see at all and what "sells" well.


So far so good. When I was 18, a hobby photographer approached me to ask if I wanted to model for him. Alla hops! As a teen, I never thought of myself as beautiful with my overweight and various flaws (who doesn't know it?). Still, I liked having great photos of myself. Over time I got to know more and more photographers, had good and bad experiences, and got a real boost for my self-confidence. At a certain point in time, I thought to myself that I could take at least as great photos, that I could deal better with models, and I really wanted to give it a try. I am saving six months for my Canon EOS600d. In the beginning I was absolutely overwhelmed with all the buttons and fuss on the camera. My pictures were not sharp, were too dark, too light. In a photo seminar at my university at the time in 2013, I learned what it means to let aperture, ISO and shutter speed play together.

Then all I had to do was look for models so I could get to where I am today. And that's far from the end! There is always room for improvement.
That was the story of how I actually got into photography.

What is your History?