Who would win Doctor Fate or Superman?

Pierce Brosnan: Ex-James Bond becomes superhero alongside Dwayne Johnson

In the competition between the comic universes of Marvel and DC, the layman can quickly lose track of things. DC Comics' latest casting coup fits perfectly into the picture. Pierce Brosnan was recruited to play Doctor Fate on Black Adam, according to The Hollywood Reporter. So the wizard of the DC superhero troupe is embodied by an actor from the British Isles. At Marvel, "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch is the spell expert as Doctor Strange. Now he is competing with ex-Bond Brosnan. (Also read: "Thor 4" - photos from the set suggest a funny star spectacle)

"Black Adam": Pierce Brosnan becomes a superhero

According to the report, the Irish completes the core team around leading actor Dwayne Johnson. He plays the title hero, a super villain and traditionally an opponent of the warring Avengers. "Black Adam" marks the theatrical debut of DC's Justice Society, the forerunner of the Justice League. Those responsible remain silent about the plot. According to the "Hollywood Reporter" one thing is clear: Brosnan plays Kent Nelson, the original version of the character. It premiered in 1940, making it one of the oldest characters in DC Comics.

Nelson once came across the tomb of the Mesopotamian god Nabu with his father, an archaeologist. After the death of his father, he took the boy under his wing, taught him magic spells and gave him a magical helmet. Nelson co-founded the Justice Society of America, which later also included Black Adam, alongside Superman and Batman. The antihero is Shazam's archenemy in the DC Comics universe. The new film with Johnson and Brosnan is a spin-off of the wonderful "Shazam!" (2019) designed with Zachary Levi. Djimon Hounsou appeared in the film as a nameless magician. (Also interesting: "Justice League: The Snyder Cut" - director Zack Snyder shows a detailed video clip)

Pierce Brosnan: From Bond to Netflix

Pierce Brosnan has of course long enjoyed superhero status among fans. The Irishman shaped the image of James Bond as a gentleman agent from 1994 to 2004, who already rides through Saint Petersburg in a tuxedo with a tank. The TV detective from "Remington Steele" had been courted earlier by the 007 makers, but was not allowed to prematurely terminate his series contract. The Brosnan era ranged from "GoldenEye" to "Die Another Day". It was ended by rebooting with Daniel Craig, despite continued success. The star from "Mamma Mia!" was most recently seen in the Netflix comedy "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" starring Will Ferrell.

According to the report, filming of "Black Adam" should begin in April 2021 in the US metropolis of Atlanta.