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1792001 No minute's silence, no mourning ribbon - a conscious decision.1792002 Not a difficult decision Reichelt went to great lengths to achieve this.1792003 No major catastrophes and a comparatively quiet hurricane season in North America - 2014 was a fairly low loss year for the insurance industry.1792004 "No serious criminals" While some of the migrants who marched off in the morning came back, others were still on their way to Germany on foot or by taxi.1792005 No seriously injured persons The fire affected at least 20 of the 63 floors of the 300 meter high skyscraper.1792006 »No science fiction Pizza will soon be coming out of the printer at the push of a button One push of a button and the meal will be printed.1792007 None that went over the edge of the plate.1792008 None of them accepted the invitation, as can be seen from various replies to Parliament that this newspaper has received.1792009 None of these can be achieved without affecting the attainability of other goals.1792010 None of the 30 members in the index could escape the downward pull.1792011 None of the companies surveyed outsources personnel planning to an external service provider.1792012 Neither company has officially confirmed the sale yet.1792013 None of the devices has an automatic adjustment of the lighting to the ambient brightness.1792014 However, none of the oils tested is free from the dangerous environmental pollutants PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).1792015 None of the "attack scenarios" under consideration can be proven or excluded in the case of the mobile phone used by the Federal Chancellor.1792016 None of the countries does winter sports.1792017 None of the last 10 competitive games were lost and that should, if possible, still be the case after the 7th matchday, before you have to play in the Champions League again the following week.1792018 None of the members is prepared to allow Greece to dictate conditions for the extension of the aid program.1792019 None of the victims, at least no murdered civilians!1792020 None of the victims are older than 50 years.1792021 None of the Paperwhites ever had such a serious problem as the Voyage.1792022 None of the products achieved the top grade.1792023 None of the subjects is graphically designed so outstanding that one would hang it up in the hallway of the shared apartment.1792024 None of the teams hid, the opponents fought intense duels.1792025 None of the animals is on a leash - although this is compulsory in green spaces and the violation can be punished with a fine.1792026 None of the companies has anything to do with publishing or caricatures.1792027 None of the companies have any connection with publishing or caricatures.1792028 None of the crimes was punished. May 27, 2015 3:30 am The human rights organization Amnesty International has accused the radical Islamic group Hamas of disregarding international humanitarian law.1792029 "None of the four products is in any way more or less effective than the others," he wrote in his judgment.1792030 None of the available instruments should be excluded, said the US Air Force General on Sunday in Brussels when asked whether defensive weapons should also be supplied to Ukraine.1792031 None of the available instruments should be excluded, the US Air Force general said when asked whether defensive weapons should be supplied to Ukraine.1792032 However, none of these offices have been converted into apartments since the LDTR came into force.1792033 None of these countries could be democratized, as soon as the West withdrew the troops, e.g. in Afghanistan, the Taliban would rule everywhere again in a year.1792034 None of these tools require a PC or server to function.1792035 None of these crimes has ever been solved.1792036 Are you none of these destinations?1792037 No longing for grassroots democracy and chaotic party conferences?1792038 No shallow conversation “Nothing - What is important in life”, a play based on the much-discussed novel by Danish author Janne Teller, is tough stuff, you could say.1792039 No ropes, no gears.1792040 Neither side should point the finger at the other, he emphasized.1792041 Neither side gives in, although all the buildings have long been devastated.1792042 No two sides are alike, the style varies depending on the topic.1792043 Neither side wants to move away from their fundamental positions, but at the same time nobody is interested in a military escalation.1792044 Not a second is boring.1792045 Not for a second.1792046 Not for a second does one even have the vague feeling of dealing with older people here who are marching tightly towards their 60s.1792047 Not a second later the claws of a powerful creature (more precisely: the Roshans) tear open the Secret Shop, the demo ends with the drooling mouth right in front of our heads.1792048 It doesn't get boring with him for a second.1792049 Not a second too early, as he said in an interview with News: "Two or three weeks would have gone well, then I would have been dead."1792050 No deductible, no time limit, no mileage limit - so no catch at all?1792051 Not a matter of course, because unpackaged poultry are stacked in the freezers, with which the freezer burn should still be the slightest defect.1792052 Not a matter of course, because female panda are only fertile for one or two days a year, explains nurse Haider.1792053 Not a matter of course, as President Bernhard Heusler is now explaining.1792054 Harder, masculine fabrics are not uncommon - but the main thing is in Scandic design and race look.1792055 No lowering of the voting age in House of Representatives elections The opposition's demand to lower the voting age in House of Representatives to 16 years of age is also being blocked.1792056 There were no sensational new findings on Friday when investigators were questioned about the murder of policewoman Michèle Kiesewetter in 2007 in Heilbronn.1792057 No separate Tor installation required In addition, the chats are automatically transmitted over the Tor network, the IP address of the user is concealed in the process.1792058 No series without bad guys.1792059 By no means out of sheer laziness, but carefully considered.1792060 Under no circumstances did he try to hit someone with the pot.1792061 By no means out of enmity, but because it is simply too far from their Häsabstaubede near Unterjesingen.1792062 It can by no means be ruled out that the 79-year-old Swiss sees the only way out of the situation in immediate resignation due to the threat.1792063 By no means with being "better" than other nations.1792064 Under no circumstances may the advertised product be sold out on the day the advertisement appears.1792065 "Under no circumstances should the cellar be ventilated when the outside temperature is high," warns the engineer.1792066 Not at all, because the aid policy is successful.1792067 Never look directly at the solar eclipse without protection!1792068 Under no circumstances should the humane treatment of refugees fail due to a question of money, he was confident that a lot will be achieved at the special summit next week.1792069 Under no circumstances should the funds seep away into the budget of the Federal Minister of Finance for other purposes, emphasized the SoVD President.1792070 Under no circumstances did a Syrian mother tell me exactly that, whom I don't even know personally, otherwise I wouldn't be able to criticize anything.1792071 Under no circumstances can one speak of a boom, emphasizes BdZ managing director Bodo Mehrlein.1792072 Under no circumstances can one speak of a generally increased risk for mountaineers.1792073 Absolutely not, thinks the Dessau Kulturforum, founded in 2013, in which people gather who are committed to “the culture of the city in all its breadth” and for whom Thomas Holzmann, Vice President of the Federal Environment Agency, serves as a spokesman.1792074 By no means politically extreme, in whatever direction.1792075 Not at all, says the Berlin psychologist Denis Gerstorf and explains in an interview why pensioners now enjoy life more than their peers in the nineties.1792076 Not at all, says Petra Bahr, who heads the Politics and Consulting Department at the foundation and who only recently moved to the post from the Evangelical Church in Germany.1792077 Under no circumstances, says Städter, the state administration office - as the district claimed to the press in September 2014 - spoke out against the zebra crossings.1792078 "Absolutely not: You can never be a Christian as a gay man, because the entire Bible detests this way of life.1792079 No way, they couldn't pay the gas bills to Russia beforehand. Only those who have a functioning economy can have an economic crisis, and that is definitely not Ukraine.1792080 The Green MEP Michel Reimon was by no means so euphoric.1792081 "Under no circumstances should drivers try using thinners, other strong cleaning agents or tools," warns Eberhard Lang.1792082 Under no circumstances should one get into Forex trading without having fully informed oneself and having practiced the processes as well as conceivable trading strategies with such a demo account.1792083 "Under no circumstances should the called party follow these instructions.1792084 Under no circumstances should strangers have access to your wallet or clothing.1792085 Under no circumstances should smartphone users be fooled by supposedly cheaper or even free device prices.1792086 Under no circumstances should you try to unscrew the device or switch off the noises with insulation or other actions, warns TÜV Rheinland.1792087 Under no circumstances should bags be placed in the shopping cart as in the present case.1792088 In no case should we sympathize with these poor creatures called "Ossis".1792089 "By no means" like "Impressionism in the fine arts" or "Computer use in the 20th century".1792090 Under no circumstances do the respondents want to forego the range of fruit and vegetables, eggs and poultry, fish, meat and sausage or flowers.1792091 In no way was it our aim to urge customers to buy or even to deceive them. "1792092 Not at all because someone or political correctness demands it from me.1792093 Under no circumstances does it want to "mechanically" increase interest rates, but rather flexibly and depending on economic data.