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iBlali (civil Viktor Roth, * February 29, 1992 in Jessil, Kazakhstan), also known as Ali or Aligator1024, is a YouTuber specializing in vlogs, comedy, entertainment, and gaming.[1] On March 2, 2019, he uploaded his last video to iBlali. With this video he finally said goodbye to iBlali and made VIK (formerly BlaVlog, book club) his main channel. On April 28th he uploaded another video to iBlali and celebrated a comeback.

General information

Originally iBlali lived with his family in poor conditions in Jessil (Kazakhstan). When he was 6 years old, they moved to the city of Hamburg in Germany. A further time later he moved to Cologne.



Main article: Aligator1024

Since June 17th, 2006 iBlali has published Let's Plays of Nintendo games on Aligator1024.


During his initial time as Let's Player, he also ran the Bl4li channel, on which he published short films. These experiences finally gave him a transition to his current channel iBlali.


Main Products: IBlali

Viktor started the iBlali channel in 2011 with the 4 formats iBlali, Trve and a Half Men, Ali-tells and Flop games. Since then he has quickly gained a lot of new viewers and subscribers. The quality of his videos continued to improve and new formats were introduced.

In an info video he said that he would no longer enjoy Ali tells, creeps and video game myths (but they can sometimes come up) and that he will therefore switch to Let's Plays.

Eventually he set up a team called the "Book Club" and produced his videos. Ali tells, creeps, and video game myths came a little more frequently.

BlaVlog (now VIK)

Next iBlali has a second channel called BlaVlog. Towards the end of 2016 Viktor became active again on the channel and renamed him "Book Club". Most of the videos on the channel are created in collaboration with Nia Cavaon and Toni Pirosa. They are mostly opinion videos on current topics and vlogs. Since 2018 the channel has been called "VIK" and became the main channel because iBlali was discontinued.





Ali tells

In this format, iBlali comments on comments in a fun and entertaining way. iBlali has a very ironic and sarcastic sense of humor, which is special in his Ali tells Consequences becomes clear. At the beginning of 2016 he discontinued the format because, according to his own statement, he no longer enjoyed it. However, a few episodes came online until mid-2016, but he made it clear that they only came because he wanted to. At the end of 2017, iBlali resumed the format, believing that "iAsk" was becoming more and more similar to "Ali Tells".

Ask Ali

In this format, iBlali answers questions and comments a little more seriously. But also with Ask Ali he travels a joke every now and then. This company has now been welded together with "Ali Tells" and renamed "iAsk".

Video game myths

The video game myths format used to appear quite often, today it is often replaced with the creeps. In this format, he presents an average of 5 myths that are scary or interesting on the one hand, including Easter eggs.


In the Creeps provides iBlali so-called Creepypastas, so scary stories created by the Internet. This usually takes place in a gloomy atmosphere, in the past the creeps were still the video game myths.


"iAsk" is a new format that has been appearing on its channel almost weekly since September 24th, 2016. The level was raised quite a bit with this format. It's a mix of "Ali Tells" and "Ask Ali". At the end of 2017, however, iBlali discontinued the format because, in his opinion, it was becoming more and more similar to "Ali Tells".

Other formats

  • Would you rather ...
  • iBlali
  • What if?
  • Google It
  • Let's plays
  • Book club
  • ViksNews

Doner kebab ali

Kebab shop Ali is iBlali's only alter ego. He is a pseudo gangster rapper who has already released several rap songs. Especially in the older "Ali Tells" episodes iBlali is dissed and insulted by Dönerbuden-Ali. Also viewers represented by iBali in the skits in "Ali Tells" were insulted or beaten by him (presented humorously). In his rap songs, Dönerbuden-Ali tells about his "gangster existence", which, however, cannot really be described as such ("Fuck alcohol, we have Robby Bubble ..."; Dönerbuden-Ali, "Schöneburgweide").


  • Hands up
  • Schöneburgweide
  • Kindergarten Kiezking
  • iBlali-Bah! (only partially)
  • Doner life
  • Bobbywagen (parody of "Babawagen" by ApoRed)
  • Disstrack against Leon Machère (remake of "Hands up")


Known actions

Do you like bratwurst?

For a long time iBlali was asked in the comments if he liked bratwurst. One person started by asking him this question. Even in the interviews with Newdoo (all removed), the question was asked and iBlali briefly held the head of the inventor of the question into the camera. Over the years the joke stopped.

First beefs with Drachenlord

On August 13th, 2016 iBlali nominated the 3 YouTubers Drachenlord, TANZVERBOT and Exandrius at the end of his Roast Yourself video.[2] However, the Dragon Lord had no electricity at that time and therefore wanted to talk to iBlali about it. He also thanked for the nomination.[3] However, iBlali did not want to contact him and later described the Dragon Lord as arrogant.

On September 4th, 2016, Drachenlord tweeted an identical message to some other YouTubers, in which he asked for feedback. The action was viewed by many as spam. Even Gronkh responded.[4] iBlali also referred to Gronkh's answer. The next day, Dragon Lord asked if he could prove to iBlali that he was not arrogant. However, iBlali did not want to comment on the Dragon Lord because, according to his own statement, he unintentionally entered the Dragon game (see also Haider) got into it.[5]

October 2016 Drachenlord drove 3 days to Cologne. He wanted to talk to iBlali and other YouTubers about the arrogance allegations in town. A short time later, iBlali announced that his trip to Japan would begin.[6] Drachenlord then announced on Twitter that this was planned because of his trip to Cologne. IBlali then provoked him with further tweets. In Cologne itself, Drachenlord finally got the opportunity to speak to people who know iBlali personally.

In mid-November 2016, dragon lord iBlali and Gronkh showed the middle finger in a video.[7] At the end of November, videos of Dragon Lord followed, in which he asked Gronkh and iBlali questions and hoped for answers. Furthermore, Drachenlord wanted to contact iBlali on YouNow. iBlali declined the request again and referred to the middle finger action.

Thanks iBlali for that

On February 15th, 2017 iBlali finally published an announcement against the Dragon Lord, although the dispute on the Dragon Lord's side had been suspended for several weeks.[8] Dragonlord answered the announcement, but according to his own statement he hadn't seen it. A few days later he published another video in which he only talked about the Roast Yourself Challenge and announced ideas.[9] It didn't take long after that and one of his teeth was knocked out. He claimed in an accompanying video that significantly more haters have appeared on him since the announcement. However, he did not comment on the exact incident. However, he accordingly blamed iBlali for the act and thanked him ironically several times for the announcement with the words "Thank you iBlali" or "Thank you iBlali". The video also bears the associated title.[10] As a result, the first well-known friends of iBlali started to thank iBlali on Twitter for various events and so thanking iBlali quickly became a well-known trend in the German area on YouTube. Even iBlali wrote on Twitter that Thanks iBlali for that the new Do you like bratwurst is.[11] In addition, iBlali then published another video in which he occasionally mentions that the Dragon Lord blames him for having lost his tooth.

More beefs with Drachenlord

On May 26th, 2017, Dragon Lord asked iBlali on Twitter to stream again. However, iBlali only provoked him again with new tweets and Dragon Lord was mentioned again in a video by iBlali.[12] This was followed by tweets from Drachenlord against iBlali and he said that if he has to, he would start again with YouTube just to punish iBlali.[13] A final video against iBlali followed a short time later.[14]

Beef with no dancing



  • He describes his fans and viewers as iBlali positive.
  • In addition to German and English, he also speaks Russian.

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