What is the use of MySpace


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What is MySpace?

At the platform MySpace is it a multilingual networkwhich is only financed by advertising income. It belongs to the so-called social networks. For example, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are assigned to this category. MySpace enables users to set up personalized user profiles with photos and videos. In addition, blogs can be created on the platform and topic-related groups can be set up. Registration and use are free of charge for all users.

Creation and development of MySpace

Originally, the social platform was one Free data storage provider on the World Wide Web. In 2003, the founder Tom Anderson started the associated community under the same URL. Just two years later, the company was bought by a corporation called News Corporation. The company was worth $ 580 million at the time. In the beginning, the company experienced tremendous growth of up to 230,000 new registrations in a single day. In 2006, the 100 million user mark was broken. In the fall of 2006, the network had around 267,000,000 users. Because the founding of a global community was something new at the time, it briefly called the American secret service NSA on the scene.

Music as the main theme of MySpace

The focus of the company has always been music since it was founded by Tom Anderson. The founder used his numerous contacts to artists and bands and got them to create an account in his community. That way it became a close one virtual contact between the stars and their fans enables. This fact has made the platform very successful.

Later, the celebrities no longer maintained their accounts themselves, but left the creation of their own profile to their management. The platform also opened up new opportunities for lesser-known artists by creating a present to the general public could. In addition, users were allowed to listen to free audio samples and download them to their device for free - these features made effective advertising easier. The focus for private users was also on making as many contacts as possible and, if possible, presenting themselves positively. This principle was quite similar to the other social networks, because you could have so-called “friends” there too.

Change of course after takeover by News Corporation

After purchasing the domain myspace.de, there was a noticeable change in course at MySpace. As announced by Rupert Murdoch, the website has been opened to new multimedia content. The focus here was on the film category. Murdoch, unlike Anderson, aimed to to integrate large and, above all, commercial film projects. Small artists, which were originally supposed to be promoted, lost more and more of their importance on MySpace.

In 2006 Murdoch entered into a cooperation with the Internet giant Google. It was agreed that Google search and Google AdSense should be integrated directly into MySpace. The platform earned around $ 900 million in three years.


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Decline and attempt to relaunch

MySpace overtaken by Facebookwhich had a very similar concept. In order to be able to maintain the high membership numbers, the social platform changed its concept. Since then, the focus has been less on maintaining virtual friendships and more on that Looking for new acquaintances. In addition, creating a new, creative identity should be a priority if Co-President Mike Jones had his way. The multimedia image should, however, be maintained and expanded.

Despite all efforts, some employees were laid off in 2006. In 2011, MySpace and News Corporate were separated. The company was taken over by Specific Media. Despite numerous relaunch attempts, the “old” MySpace was closed. A beta version is available, but existing user data, profiles and files cannot be transferred. The platform did not experience an upswing. In 2017, the website was ranked 3,202 of the most visited websites.


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