Did Aysha kill the Prophet Muhammad

Did Aisha poison Muhammad?

The concept that Aisha poisoned Muhammad is old and extremely suspect, especially by Shiites of the time, as Shiites already believe that Aisha betrayed the Prophet's family. Muhammad was really weird at first with folk healings and poisoning (the main candidate for his cause of death was a poisoned sheep that was given to him after conquering Khaybar because the person (their identity varies from story to story) thought if Muhammad were a conqueror then they would get rid of him, but if he were a prophet he would know it was poisoned). After this incident, he lingered for quite a while and decided to spend most of the time with Aisha. So Aisha was with him when he died. Did she kill him? It was 1500 years ago.

Likewise, your second source relating to Imam Sadiq (the sixth Imam) comes from Tafsir Ayyashi, a book written by al-Ayyashi in AD 932 that is an exegesis of Imam proclamations from times past. Ayyashi was very similar to today's Pinterest users in that he was more interested in collecting information than if that information was: 1. Original or 2. Correct. He was particularly interested in collecting texts that supported his pre-existing opinions. Although there is a slim possibility that Imam Sadiq said this thing 180 years before Ayyashi's writing it down, it is more likely that it was a bit of a phone game over 180 years, and Ayyashi wrote down the version he liked best.

Bottom line: When you consider that there are many bad feelings associated with this era (bad enough to separate Sunnis from Shiites!), It is impossible to know which story is correct. From the perspective of a scholar, none of these works were written during Aisha's lifetime, and the authors had axes to sharpen.


I'm sorry, but you have to cite your sources and even then I am not sure if the sources cited are also up to standard.

Sharen Eayrs

He quoted his sources and it's good enough. Conclusive? No, but it's as good as it gets.