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Actors cause controversial discussions with #allesdichtmachen

Around 50 prominent film and television actors are causing a sensation with a large-scale Internet campaign under the motto #dealing with everything.

Artists like Ulrich Tukur, Volker Bruch, Meret Becker, Ulrike Folkerts, Richy Müller, Heike Makatsch, Jan Josef Liefers and many more spread ironic-satirical clips with personal statements on the corona policy of the federal government on Instagram and on the video platform YouTube on Thursday. Other celebrity fellow actors reacted in horror.

How the action was coordinated was initially unknown. The hashtags #allesdichtmachen, #niewiederaufmachen and # lockdownfürimmer quickly became the most used on Twitter in Germany in the evening.

"Without exception, close every human place of activity and every trading place," says Tukur, for example, on the federal government. “Not only theaters, cafés, schools, factories, bookstores, button shops, no, also all grocery stores, weekly markets and above all all the supermarkets.” And he adds: “Are we only starved to death in our body and not just in our soul, and all of them Dead as a couple, we will also deprive the virus and its devious mutant baggage of its livelihood. "

Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa

In his clip, Liefers thanks with an ironic undertone "to all of the media in our country who have been tirelessly responsible for over a year and with a clear attitude that the alarm stays exactly where it belongs, namely at the very top."

In his clip, Richy Müller breathes alternately in two bags and comments ironically: “If everyone were to use two-bag breathing, we would no longer have a lockdown. So stay healthy and support the corona measures. I'm going to take a breath now. "

The campaign met with enthusiastic approval on social media, but also with very strong rejection, especially from celebrities. “The actors from #allesdichtmachen can shove their irony deep into the ventilator,” tweeted presenter Tobias Schlegl, who is also an emergency paramedic. Actor Marcus Mittermeier commented: “Nobody asked me if I wanted to take part in #allesdichtmachen. Thank God! "The pianist Igor Levit tweeted: The bluntest weapon against the pandemic is" bad, narrow-minded shrinking sarcasm, which is ultimately just bland cynicism that does not help anyone. Only divides. "

Media journalist Stefan Niggemeier from the online magazine “uebermedien.de” wrote of “disgusting irony” and a “breach of the dam”, which was also the “greatest success of the lateral thinker scene so far”. The Green MEP Erik Marquardt criticized that he found the action bad and "sees it as an expression of an increasing resignation of actually reasonable people".

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Other prominent actors joined the discussion via Instagram. Elyas M'Barek wrote: "Cynicism does not help anyone." Everyone wants to return to normal, and that will happen. Hans-Jochen Wagner called the action embarrassing. He doesn't understand, wrote the actor, who asked Liefers: “You can't be serious.” Christian Ulmen even felt reminded of the right-wing conspiracy narrator Ken Jebsen: He “couldn't have said it nicer”. Nora Tschirner accused the makers of the clips of acting out of boredom and cynicism.

Satirist Jan Böhmermann countered the action on Twitter that the only video that you should watch "if you have problems with Corona containment measures" is the ARD documentary from the Berlin Charité with the title "Station 43 - Die". To do this, he put the hashtag #allenichtganzdicht and a crying smiley.

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On the other hand, there was applause from the former President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, who called the action “great” on Twitter. The Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit spoke of a “masterpiece” that “should make us very thoughtful”. AfD member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar tweeted: “This is an intelligent protest.” She celebrates Jan Josef Liefers.

Jan-Josef Liefers then distanced himself from the AfD, from conspiracy theories and the lateral thinker movement. “A growing closeness to unconventional thinkers and the like, which has been oracles. I clearly reject it, "wrote the 56-year-old on Twitter. “There is no party in the current spectrum of the Bundestag that I am further from than the AfD. Because we're at it, that also applies to Reich citizens, conspiracy theorists, corona ignoramuses and aluminum hats. Point."

Actress Heike Makatsch also distanced herself from “right-wing ideas”. “I chose the path through art and satire to show the changes in our society and to create space for a critical discourse,” she wrote on Instagram with a view to her video. "If I have played into the hands of right-wing demagogues, I deeply regret it." She also never wanted to diminish the suffering of corona sufferers and their relatives or to hurt them with her contribution. To do this, she posted the hashtag #possible failed.

Federal government is holding back with assessment

The federal government is holding back with evaluations of the much discussed videos of prominent actors and actresses about the corona policy. “The federal government has taken note of this action and our position is well known: We are working to ensure that Germany can overcome the pandemic quickly. Our decisions are based on this, ”said the deputy government spokeswoman Martina Fietz on Friday in Berlin. Of course, freedom of expression also applies in this case.

For Tuesday, the spokeswoman announced a meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and 14 artists and cultural workers. The online discussion is part of the series “Conversation with the Federal Chancellor”. Merkel had already talked to parents, students, trainees, trainers and other groups about their situation in the pandemic. According to the information, the participants on Tuesday were selected by associations from the cultural sector, such as the Federal Drama Association and the German Music Council. It initially remained unclear whether there are actors among them who took part in the current video campaign.

The art and culture scene has been suffering severely from the Corona measures for more than a year. According to the Federal Drama Association (BFFS), for example, many of the actors in Germany have had hardly any income since March 2020. According to the association, two thirds to three quarters of all actors live from guest engagements at theaters that are currently unable or barely able to work. In Germany there are a total of around 15,000 to 20,000 actors. (dpa)

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