How does unsweetened iced tea taste?

Healthy drinks: the 4 best thirst quenchers!

If you want to eat healthily, you should only drink the following drinks in moderation:


Although black coffee has no calories, its ingredients work stimulating on our nervous system. After all, it contains 100 mg of caffeine per cup. It is therefore not suitable as a thirst quencher, it is more a luxury item. Depending on how it is prepared as a cappuccino, white coffee or latte macchiato, it contains many calories. The same applies to ready-made coffee beverages from the refrigerated shelf. They often contain as many calories and sugar as a chocolate bar.

Lemonades and fruit juices

Undiluted fruit juices and sodas often contain one large amount of sugar and thus many calories, now and then you can even find unhealthy additives on the ingredient lists. They are to be classified as candy on the nutrition plan.


Mixer on and go! For a homemade smoothie, add your favorite fruits or vegetables and herbs to the machine with a little water or a dash of juice. To keep the whole thing healthy, you'd better avoid sugar and sugar alternatives. If you use seasonal goods, the delicious taste will come by itself anyway.

Since the fructose content in smoothies - especially smoothies with a high fruit content - is very high, they are less suitable as a drink, but rather replace 1–2 servings of fruit or vegetables a day.