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If you are looking for a new luxury pen from Waterman, you have come to the right place at PW Akkerman. Here you can buy a new Waterman fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball and mechanical pencil, but also everything you need to get your pens filled with ink. If you are looking for a suitable gift, you can go for a Waterman pen set. With us you can browse our Waterman collection both online and at our location in the heart of Amsterdam. There is always a suitable Waterman fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball or mechanical pencil for you!

About Waterman Paris

The company was founded in 1883 by the inventor of the modern fountain pen, Lewis Edson Waterman. The reason for this would have been a leaky fountain pen. The moment LE Waterman was about to sign an important contract with a customer, his fountain pen began to leak. While he was getting a new pen, a rival ran away with the customer. This was reason enough for Waterman to make a new type of fountain pen. one that has been provided with a continuous flow of ink using the capillary principle.

The company was initially called the Ideal Pen Company, but was changed in 1888 to the name under which the company is still known today: Waterman. Partly due to the pen design and good marketing, the pen could be mass produced. Even after LE Waterman's death in 1901, the company continued to innovate pens.

For example, the company introduced the clip cap in 1904. This means that a fountain pen can be carried easily and safely in the breast pocket. In 1913 Waterman developed the first fountain pen that was inked with a lever. The company also introduced modern ink cartridges for fountain pens: in 1927 the glass ink cartridges and in 1953 the plastic version.

The inspiration behind Aquarius

The current name of the company, Waterman Paris, already makes it clear where the inspiration for the innovation and design of the pens comes from: the French capital Paris. In 1900 Aquarius was awarded the gold medal for outstanding performance at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. Since then, Aquarius' pens have been inextricably linked with France, especially the city of Paris. All Waterman pens are therefore made in France at the Saint-Herblain factory.

Aquarius pens

A Waterman pen should definitely not be missing on the desk of a true lover of authentic writing. Unlike an email or app, a handwritten letter shows that you have put the time and effort into communicating. In this way, you can leave a lasting positive impression on the recipient of the letter. You are making a statement that will not be easily forgotten. In addition, you can always ensure the best quality with a Waterman pen.

Waterman fountain pen

The Waterman fountain pen was the first modern fountain pen as we know it today. Gravity and the capillary principle direct the ink from the ink cartridge to the tip. The result is a continuous flow of ink so that the fountain pen no longer has to be dipped into the ink and the pen can write continuously. It is therefore no coincidence that the Waterman company is known for their fountain pens, all of which are designed and manufactured with passion and craftsmanship.

The nib of the Waterman fountain pen

Waterman fountain pens are known for the very pleasant writing experience they offer. This is because the nibs are made from the finest materials, including 18k pure gold. In addition, each pen is hand-tested by an Aquarian expert. This ensures that each fountain pen is literally perfectly refined and ideal for writing your letters.

Every lover of writing has a personal preference for the thickness of the nib. The nib of a fountain pen influences the writing style and how the font will ultimately look. With us you can choose the thickness of the nib yourself with the Waterman fountain pen. Imagine an extra fine nib, a fine nib, a medium nib, or a wide nib.

While writing with an extra fine or fine pen, you can vary the thickness of the lines. You do this by pressing harder or softer on the fountain pen. This way what you write has a calligraphic effect. Those who only hand write occasionally are advised to choose a medium or wide nib. These are the easiest to use.

Waterman ballpoint pen

While Waterman Paris initially struggled to face the fountain pen's declining popularity, Waterman also began making its ballpoint pens in 1949. At this point, these only cost 1 €! Nowadays, Waterman pens are available in different editions and colors, so there is always a suitable pen available for you. The ballpoint pen is supplied with ink by means of a ball in the tip. The ball is in direct contact with the ink in the cartridge. As you write, the ball spins and the ink is transferred onto the paper. The ballpoint pen is known for its ease of use: it almost never leaks or scratches, so the writing looks neat and the paper does not tear.

Waterman rollerball

At first glance, a Waterman rollerball and the ballpoint pen are very similar. Nevertheless, the two differ in handling and ink. While ballpoint pens use oil-based ink, rollerball pens use water-based ink. Therefore, the ink from a rollerball is more likely to seep into the paper. While you don't have to put as much pressure on a rollerball as you do on a ballpoint pen, you still get a nice continuous flow of ink. The writing experience of a rollerball therefore corresponds to that of a fountain pen. Enthusiasts with a passion for writing often prefer a rollerball to a regular ballpoint pen.

Like the other Waterman pens, the Waterman rollerballs can also be found in the various collections. So there is always a suitable Waterman rollerball for you!

Aquarius mechanical pencil

If sharpening a regular graphite pencil leads to a mess and it ends up being completely used up, a Waterman mechanical pencil won't. A mechanical pencil, like other pens, has a refill that is surrounded by a housing. However, the filling of a mechanical pencil is not made of ink, but of a mixture of graphite and clay: the same filling as a normal pencil. Where most mechanical pencils have a button to expose more fill, a Waterman mechanical pencil works via a twist mechanism. In principle, a mechanical pencil works just like a ballpoint pen, for example. A mechanical pencil is great for those who enjoy drawing and sketching.

The Waterman Pens materials

A Waterman pen is always made from the best materials. For example, consider 18 and 23 carat gold, silver, palladium, resin, and high quality paint. The coating ensures that the pens are protected from damage, but also gives the pens their beautiful shine. Because Waterman only uses carefully selected materials and has each pen hand tested, you can be sure of excellent quality.

Aquarius refills

As with any other pen, your Waterman pen may run out of ink. If so, you can easily top it up with Waterman refills. A ballpoint pen or rollerball is simply refilled by replacing the old ink cartridge with a ballpoint pen or rollerball refill. These are available in different colors. There are several ways to re-ink a Waterman fountain pen.

Aquarius ink bottle

The traditional way to re-ink a fountain pen is to use the ink in a Waterman ink bottle. This fountain pen ink comes in a variety of colors including blue, red and of course black. Refilling a fountain pen with ink from an ink bottle is not the easiest, but it is the most environmentally friendly way to go. This is because you have less waste with an ink bottle than with an ink cartridge.

Aquarius converter

One way to get the ink from an ink bottle into your fountain pen is to use a Waterman converter. Waterman converters are compatible with most Waterman fountain pens and use a piston system:

  1. You turn the piston down;
  2. Click the converter into your fountain pen, just like you would with an ink cartridge.
  3. Dip your fountain pen with the nib in the ink.
  4. Turn the plunger back up.
  5. Your fountain pen is now filled with ink and you can start writing again.

Aquarius ink cartridge

Refilling your fountain pen is now easy with the ready-to-use Waterman ink cartridges. Just click in your fountain pen and you can go ahead and write. The Waterman fountain pen cartridges are available in different colors and in two different lengths: short or long. It just depends on which color ink you prefer to write with!

The Waterman Paris Pen Collections

Waterman has several collections of pens to choose from. Each collection has its own unique characteristics. The various designs are inspired by the company's rich history, but also by culture, fashion and the residents of Paris. There's always a Waterman pen to match.

Aquarius expert

The Waterman Expert pens are characterized by their traditional shape with modern elements: Together they create a timeless design. With a Waterman Expert Fountain Pen, you can be sure to make a statement. Since 1990, Waterman Expert pens have been hugely popular with business people and anyone with a passion for the written word.

Aquarius hemisphere

In 1994 the Waterman Hémisphère collection was launched. Hémisphère is a collection that combines the technical know-how of the fountain pen with elegant design. The pens of the Waterman Hémisphère collection are available in different designs: from pens with a glossy look to fountain pens with a matt look.

Aquarius Carene

The Waterman Carène collection, launched in 1997, consists of unique pens. The fountain pens in this collection in particular are known for the original design of the nibs: they lie on the body of the pen, so to speak, which gives the whole thing a streamlined effect. The inspiration for the special nib of the Carène fountain pen, but also for the appearance of the other Carène pens, comes from the shape of luxury sailing boats and yachts.

Aquarius Allure

The Waterman Allure collection was introduced in 2000. For those who dare to stand out above the ground, there are pens from the Waterman Allure collection. The design of the pens is elegant yet bold and is sure to be a stylish addition to any stationery. In addition, the Allure pens are great value for money, making them a perfect pen to get to know the leading Waterman brand.

Aquarius exception

The company has been producing the Waterman Exception collection since 2004. This collection proves once again that the company knows both the style and how the fountain pen works. This is how design and technology came together in the unique pens of the Exception collection. In order to obtain a pen in such a square shape without impairing the effect of the pen, expertise in the field of writing implements is required. A bayonet lock ensures that the cap always fits perfectly on the pen.

Aquarius perspective

In 2008, the design of the pens in the Waterman Perspective collection was inspired by architecture. This is reflected in the various geometric engravings both in the case and in the tip of the fountain pen. The metal surfaces give the pens not only a traditional, but also a modern look.

Waterman Pen Case

A pen can be useful at any time of the day. It is therefore always useful to bring a pen with you. Of course, when you take your precious Waterman pen with you, you want it to be protected and not damaged or easily lost. A Waterman pencil case is made of high quality leather and ensures that you can safely carry your pen with you.

Why Waterman Paris at PW Akkerman?

PW Akkerman Amsterdam has been the bottling shop where you can always buy your Waterman pen since 1927. Where the Waterman company has existed since the end of the 19th century, PW Akkerman opened its doors a few decades later. To this day, we have decades of experience in the stationery sector. So you can rely on our know-how when buying your Waterman pen.

We can engrave your Waterman pen with a line or two of text. For example, consider a person's name, a date and / or a nice quote. You can choose in which font you would like to engrave the text: block letters or decorative script; italic or not. You can also choose whether the engraving should be engraved for left-handed or right-handed people. So you can personalize the pen as you like! With an engraving, you can instantly transform the luxury pen into a unique and original gift.

You can find our entire Waterman range in the online webshop as well as at our location in the heart of Amsterdam. There is always a Waterman pen to suit your taste. If you have any questions about the Waterman pens, we are of course at your disposal. You can visit the store, but you can also ask your question through our contact page. Whether it's questions about maintaining or using your pen; You have come to the right place with us. PW Akkerman will be happy to help you!