Who made you feel great today

Do you actually know how great you are?

Start right now.

What are yours unmet needs?

Often we have lost touch with our feelings and thus with our needs ...

or should we say ... they were made by us in the Everyday occurrences neglected.

Perhaps you have never consciously perceived or felt them because you have never learned it.

Find out!

I would like to share a few needs with you at hand so that you can find out for yourself

whether you too some of your needs rediscovered there that are unfulfilled or fulfilled.

We humans have the need for ...

Autonomy, choose values, choose goals, choose dreams, develop plans,

Authenticity, creativity, sense, Self worth, Appreciation, Recognition,

Closeness, community, consideration, contribute to the enrichment of life,

emotional security, empathy, love, Security, respect, Support,

Trust, understanding, belonging,

Air, food, Move, Protection, rest, accommodation, body contact, water,

Joy, Laugh, Beauty, harmony, Inspiration, clarity and structure, peace


So that you can live your wonderful strengths, you need energy

.. and what gives you energy?



How you feel when your needs are met ...

excited fascinated motivated

balanced confident brave

touches funny complacent

committed carefree awake

delights powerfully loving

facilitated happyprotected


... then you recharge your batteries!


How you feel when your needs are NOT met ...

afraid angry disappointed

slain indignantly lonely

frustratedannoyed bored

tired, discouraged, sad

angry shy worried

contentiously apathetic injured

tense confused angry

... these feelings also need energy.


So it's worth it a close look to throw at it.

In combination with your feelings, needs are a wonderful guide to your inspiring satisfaction.

And a gas station for you!


Listen carefully to what your feelings tell you when you feel uncomfortable.

And maybe you're wondering what's that with now Your greatness has to do?

Your greatness shows in all its radiant splendor when you You feel good and be the way you are.

And the first step is to find out what needs you have ...

because they belong to the foundation to feel comfortable in his life.



Learnwhat is good for you.

Be yourself and aware of your needs.

Your Nicole