Is Donald Trump really an idiot

USA - Joe Biden taunts President Donald Trump: "absolute idiot"

In the Corona crisis, the behavior of US President Donald Trump has often been criticized. Now the opposing candidate Joe Biden strikes a sweeping blow - in response to a tweet.

President-elect Joe Biden has called President Donald Trump an "absolute idiot" for making fun of Biden's face mask. Biden and Trump both took part in memorial events for those who died in war on Monday - Biden wore a mask, Trump did without it as usual. On Twitter, Trump then shared a tweet from another user with a photo of Biden with a black face mask and a malicious comment.

Biden: That is "macho behavior"

Biden said of Trump in a CNN interview on Tuesday, "He's an idiot, an absolute idiot to talk like that." Doctors around the world advised wearing a mask in public to protect against the novel coronavirus. Biden accused Trump of "macho behavior" with which he put human lives at risk.

Trump, in turn, said he couldn't understand why Biden wore a mask outdoors in "perfect conditions" and in "perfect weather". "That's why I found it very unusual for him to wear one," Trump said in the White House.

Trump never wears mouth and nose protection

Despite his government's recommendation to wear masks, the US president never shows himself with mouth and nose protection in public. Even during a visit to a respirator factory in Arizona state in early May, Trump did not wear a mask. As a reason for his aversion to masks, he once said that they did not fit with his self-image as the president of a world power.

At the appearance on Monday, Biden appeared in public for the first time since the beginning of the Corona exit restrictions in mid-March. On Tuesday, he changed his profile photo on Twitter: He can now be seen with a black mask and sunglasses. At 77 and 73, respectively, Biden and Trump both belong to the corona risk group.

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