How is the training in Belgium

Careers advice and guidance

in the German-speaking Community and its border regions

Would you like to start an apprenticeship in Belgium but don't know how to get an apprenticeship? Do you want to study in Luxembourg, but you are not sure which requirements you have to meet? Do you want to do an apprenticeship in Germany and don't know who to turn to?

On this page you will find contact persons who are at your side with advice and practical help with your professional questions on the subject of foreign countries and who will support you in your project.

Contact person in Belgium - German-speaking community
  • You can get information on opportunities for vocational training in the German-speaking community and lots of tips in the Youth information centers in St. Vith and in Eupen.
  • You can get career and training advice from Employment Office Ostbelgien in Eupen and St. Vith and at the responsible service of Kaleido East Belgium in your school. Appointments can be made by phone.
  • At the IAWM In Eupen you can get lots of useful tips and information about teaching. There is also an online apprenticeship exchange here.

Contact person in Germany

  • You can also get help with career counseling and finding an apprenticeship at the
    Westeifel Caritas Association in Bitburg (Tel: 0049/6561 96710) or in Gerolstein (0049/6591 94 9200) and at

  • Palais e.V. in Trier (Tel: 0049/651 41061). The youth scouts will be happy to support you.
  • In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry there is a training and apprenticeship exchange with a lot of helpful information on various professions and addresses of training companies as well as an online job exchange with current apprenticeship offers.

Contact person in Luxembourg

  • You can get answers, tips and information about career choices and training at the Service de l'Orientation professionnelle de l 'ADEM. There are several agencies in Luxembourg. Addresses and telephone numbers are available at
  • If you have any questions about the professions that exist in Luxembourg, you can also contact the directly
    BIZ- Centerd'information professionnelle in Luxembourg City (Tel .: 00352/247 85 480).
  • Information and help is also available from Center Information Jeunes Luxembourg and at the

  • ALJ - Action Locale pour Jeunes. The ALJ has many regional offices. You can find out where there is one near you on their website.

Contact person in the Netherlands

  • The Kenniscentrum Beroepsonderwijs Arbeidsmarkt can help you find an apprenticeship.
  • The online portal of the "Centrum voor innovatie van opleidingen (CINOP)". Here, too, there is information on the Dutch training system, a list of training companies and many links to various organizations and institutions in the country.

European sources of information

  • EURES is a site with lots of information about training opportunities across Europe. There is also a database with current training and study opportunities.
  • Euroguidance is the network of national career guidance systems in the EU. The advice includes tips on training and study opportunities as well as on education systems and qualifications.
  • Ploteus is a European portal with lots of tips and information for staying in one of the European countries (accommodation, cost of living, tuition fees, ...)
  • Guide to questions about living, working and studying in the Netherlands, Belgium and
    in Germany.

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