Which website will help you start a startup

Company formation: get started quickly and cheaply

Develop business strategy

A business idea is important. But only the right strategy defines which steps you should take and when. With the canvas method you get on the track of your goals.


Create a business plan

The business plan contains everything that can make your company successful. With a serious business plan, you can significantly reduce the risks. Use our tips for this.


Consider tax issues

Depending on the type of company you are planning, you will benefit from other tax aspects. Partnerships are taxed differently than corporations.


compare insurances

Taking out the right insurance contract can save your company from bankruptcy in an emergency. How to find the insurance that suits your needs.


Pension fund advance withdrawal

When you take the step into self-employment, you may also ask yourself whether you can withdraw your pension fund shares in advance. Our instructions will help you.


Do accounting yourself or outsource it?

If you are self-employed, you must record all expenses and income so that you can always provide information on this. This task is overwhelming for many company founders.
Find out here whether it makes more sense for you to outsource the accounting or to do it yourself with suitable software.

  • Your finances always under control
  • Completely digital accounting
  • All documents practically in the cloud
  • We advise you personally